TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. Guys,
    Just following the discussion, I did not see anybody replied with TCP R&P own setup.
    Randy (PLANOMUSTANG) installed TCP power R&P about a month ago, he should be able to help with measurements and pics of his setup for 69 FB.
    Justs an idea, if some one want to clone it.

  2. Hey guys,

    I have read this page of the thread, and I don't understand what the loaner mustang is needed for.

    Is 69'Elvira correct that you just want to do some measuring.


    I am about to start rebuilding my rearend, but I can put that on hold.

    Send me an email

    [email protected]
  3. Sorry, my post did not make it throught the first time.
  4. the loaner stang is for speed-direct so they can do some evaluation work on one so they can decide if it is feasible to biuld a rack conversion kit that would be cheaper than TCP
  5. bnickel:
    I have been following this thread since corpse started it, nearly a year ago. I must have missed something along the line, because today is the first time I ever heard of speed-direct.

    Can anyone vouche for them? I can imagine loaning my car to a group of folks for a week. I come back to pick it up, and 5000 miles are added to the odometer and the clutch is shot ;)

  6. speed direct is the company that is thinking of producing sixto's rack kit, they already make rack kits for early corvettes, camaros and novas too, read back a few pages and you will see it and don't forget to read sixto's post above
  7. Thanks bnickel!!

    If somebody from speed-direct wants to talk to me, just send an email my way.

  8. For those of you looking for a great R&P kit that is fully completed and is half the price of other kits on the market
    take a look at The rack comes bolted to the crossmember . The crossmember takes about 10 minutes to bolt in. The steering column and shaft have to be modified, but thats the same for tcp.
    This is in some cars already and it works extreamlly well. There are several parts that are cnc machined for accuracy. We have made use of OEM production parts wearever possible.
    The crossmember is made out of either 1/4 steel or aluminum, which-ever one you prefer.
    Take a look and tell me what you think.
  9. i still want to know what clearence is like for that appears in the pictures it sits below the oil pan more than an inch maybe 2 or more. That would create some clearence issues on my car as well as some this true or is it the picture?

    Also does the kit improve radius at all...or just response and feel. 995 sounds like a good deal if its made a engineered well.
  10. hey randall;

    what is your assosciation with sixto? Looks to me like you used his design as the basis for your kit?
  11. Bump steer

    Saw the site briefly, does look like Sixto's and other projects I have seen. My system had major bump-steer issues because the rack sat lower. Does this one have that problem? I cured mine with the BAER kit.
  12. Thanks for taking a look at the site guys. There are MAJOR differances between mine and the kit. The similarity is the spacer block only, thats where it ends. It has a design that is VERY different and has parts that must be cnc machined. There is a major design flaw with the old design. It does not allow for a clean attachment between the rack and the new center link with out destroying the rubber boot that covers the rack and no solution was ever thought of to stabilize the center link in the rack housing. The design has the center link positioned wrong. With the old design, the center link points to the ground. We have fixed that to make it work better.
    Also we have built a VERY sturdy crossmember that ties the front end togeather securely and provides a mounting point for the rack. You can put a floor jack under the car and lift it up it is that secure! I think that the other design has seperate mounting brackets on the frame. Not nearly stong enough for all the stress that goes through a steering system.
    We have these mounted on cars that are driven daily already and I do not believe that the other design even has a working model yet.
    Take a good look at my kit, there are more differances than similarities, it's just hard to see them all.
    Thanks for your input guys.
  13. So Randall, when are ya gonna have a '67 and later kit???:confused: Looks good otherwise.:nice:
  14. Do you offer a manual version?
  15. No manual at this time but would be easy to do.
    I have new pictures on web site on the rack and pinion conversion I built. More coming soon. Thanks for all the good questions everyone.
  16. hey randall;

    how much for just the crossmember and the centerlink? Then I could just mount the manual rack I already have in there Right?

  17. The hard part of this conversion is not the crossmember and center link. Thats the easy part. This is not an off the shelf R&P guys. There are several important parts to make this system work. I know alot of you out there are thinking "Why not build my own with a 30.00$ rack" and just buy the crossmember. Hell, I thought the same thing at one time untill I started to built it.(and build it and build it etc...) My web site is work in progress and I hope to put more stuff on it soon to show more of the conversion and installation. Thanks for your questions and stay in touch.
  18. the kit looks good, keep us posted on the availability of a manual version, or a separate component kit if you decide to make one available.
  19. install pictures would be awesome!!!!
  20. what about......

    se i had this idea... use the j-body rack, but find a way to connect it to the current tie rod set-up. ditch the gear box, control valve, and idler arm, and just connect the drag link, or a fabbed up version, to the new rack..... in fact, leave the current system in place and align/build the rack and pinion around it. that way any bump steer would be no more than original...