TCP power R&P now only 2500

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  1. So if you were to leave the old system in place and somehow connect the j-rack to it, where would you find room for the new racks steering valve with the old steering box in the way?. Then there is the problem of angles for the intermediate shaft to cope with. Steering can bind up and becomes a big problem unless you get the correct angles.
    It's not really realistic to try and combine the two systems :)
  2. my idea !

    I know i posted about this some time ago, but I'm just now getting around to the pics, sorry. Here's the conversion I'm doing using a Nissan rack and fabbed cross-member for my Falcon. I haven't relly been able to work on it much lately but it has been test fitted and tried without incident. The turning radius was only slightly increased, but is still better than my older model TCP manual rack on my Stang.

  3. pics

    here's another
  4. pics

    last one. this is the steering column end.
  5. Which model Nissan?

    Hi tweet 66,
    What model Nissan is the rack from & are they available in Manual also???
  6. low428,

    I've never seen a manual version yet. I did use mine as manual for the first test drive around the parking lot without a problem but woundn't recommend it for any period of time. Anyway, its out of a 200SX, early 80's.


  7. no no no i meant leave the old system in TEMPORAIRLY to set up a baseline to align all steering components.... the only parts reused would be drag link and inner and outter tie rods...
  8. here's another ponder.... could the spindles be swapped left to right... there by opening up any racks designed for foreward mounts???
  9. i don't know if i missed it or not but what is the price for the randell rack setup? i looked on the webpage and i didn't see it posted.
  10. You can't swap the spindles as the ackerman angle would be wrong.

    Draw a line from where the tie rod connects to the steering arm and extend it through the pivot point of the spindle that line should intersect the same line from the other side at the rear axle. (Ideally)

    Also a front mounted rack will need to use some space occupied by the oil pan's front sump.

    I have an MII style conversion and would like to find some spindles that could replace the MII spindle, but are rear steer. Then with the right rack, I could lower my engine adn move it way back.

    Someday maybe.
  11. No activity here for six weeks??

    No activity here for the past six weeks, surely there must be some advances made in the manufacturing of one or more of these units from previous posters?? Looking forward to hearing about any advancements made.
  12. I will complete the power Rack installation tomorrow on my 64 1/2 coupe. I guess I got lucky, my complete kit; hoses, etc. was 2000 plus tax. In defense (after reading the thread I need too), there are a few items I prefer to have a solid company and support for. ONe of those on my car is steering the other is brakes. My Brakes are Wilwood and my steering is a power rack from TCP. In both cases I have a warranted product that will be supported and backed by someone with the ability to defend their product, in court if necessary. In short, it is safe and proven technology. I'm a smart guy, I could make something that could work......but I'd rather be driving the car than living for it.

    Is $2000 a lot of money? Hell yes it is. Is $500+ too much money for a steering box with 1950 technology? Unquestionably, ...yes. But add up the cost of:

    New Steering Box........ $500.00
    New Steering Valve..... $300.00
    New Ram................... $190.00
    New Hoses................ $125.00+

    That's a total over $1100 Bucks and now you have correct and New steering components for the car....ala 1950s technology.

    For $800 more you get a much better and robust steering solution specifically designed to fit and function in a car that is approaching 40 years old. It's bolt-on, it's not rocket science and to boot it cleans up the area around the headers on the left side.
  13. Very well said.

  14. EXACTLY. I bought Baer brakes, and the TCP power rack. I am easily one for fabing up my own stuff (rear end is a linked coil over design of our own) but when it comes to steering, and brakes, only a proven product will make me feel secure enough to take my wife and three year old out on the road.

    Now, TCP had to start somewhere, and I am all for someone like Randell putting some pressure on the boys at Total Control, but hacking in a rack designed for another car isn't my idea of safe.

    $2000.00 was alot to spend, but when it's all said and done, I think it's money well spent.

  15. pre-production brakets here!

    RECAP: i have been working with SpeedDirect to get the rack and
    pinion conversion kit for 60's Mustangs and Fords into production.
    the kit will look a lot like the one they already make for early 'Vettes.
    you can read all the gory details on my website.

    the pre-production mounting brackets arrived to me yesterday!
    they are very nice, much more elegant than the heavy angle-iron ones
    i had cobbled together for my prototype. and a the new center bracket
    will be to me in another week or so.

    so i'll be doing a full installation with the new brackets this weekend to
    check for fit. i'm going to do my 66 Fairlane first then try it on our 66
    Mustang coupe. that should give us a fairly good idea whether we're
    on the right track. my guess is that we'll go back and forth a couple of
    times making changes to the angles and such until we get it just right.
    hopefully it won't be too much longer now.

    it's really happening !!!
  16. when should the kit be out and, is the price going to be double the price of the camaro/firebird kit?
  17. hi guys,

    we're shooting for Christmas this year. i know that sounds like a long
    way off but we're padding in case we run into snags. it'll be smoother
    if things go well.

    the price point should be similar to the 'Vette kit. they have about the
    same number of pieces overall...
  18. hi guys,

    sooner, not smoother ;)

    it's be sooner than Christmas if things go well...
  19. Man, its great that everybody can get together to come up with this idea. Especially thanks to sixto, flying into texas and getting this into production. I'm sure I'll be wanting a kit, anything is better than my old steering box.

    But....dare I ask, what are the advantages of rack and pinion steering. Obviously there are many b/c so many people are wanting it, but what makes rack and pinion so much better than a normal box? Probably a stupid question, but.....
  20. Bellevue WA.

    I am going to be in Bellevue WA. for the Mustang Roundup(July 18-20) and I will have one of my Rack and Pinion systems there for viewing. Stop by and say hello. I will be there in my Blue 67 Shelby GT-500.