Suspension Team Z Lower Control Arms.

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  1. Anyone running these? I see a lot of reviews but nothing for our cars. Trying to decide between their regular arm, streetbeast or going with the MM arms. Thanks

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  2. Great high quality pieces Dave's fab work is top notch you would not be disappointed. I also use and have no problem with any of the UPR offerings

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  3. Well hello there Rick. Long time no type. See if you can guess my old user name... I did some imagery and stuff for your web site years ago. We used to hang out over at the other Mustang forum. I see you are still rollin' the Honda Silver GT.
  4. Come on now your not supposed to tell guys its Honda Silver. Your MW username escapes me but I know who your in the hell have you been!

    I think I still have that copy of Dreamweaver some where.

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  5. Don't be ashamed, my car is also Honda Silver. NH700M Alabaster Silver. Woot! lol
  6. I don't know why I remember that Rick, but I do. 2FastLX was my user name. Been doing good man. It's awesome to see you're still doing the same stuff you were years ago.
  7. Rick do you think the double adjustables are worth the extra cost?

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  8. Yes...makes adjusting the upper much easier, allows centering of the wheel as well

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