Tear in Vert Top

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  1. I have a 6 inch tear on my convertible roof bellow the back window. My dealer says they cannot repair it...

    Have any of you fixed a tear in your roof ? Or is it better to just replace it ?

    They also said that it takes a good 8 hours to replace ?


  2. It takes a LONG time to replace vert tops. My girlfriend's brother got a new top on his 92 Mustang and it ran around $600 and took almost a whole day to replace.

    I have a tear above the window, so I feel your pain. Any time it rains, my top leaks really bad. If you are unaware, the window is actually sewn into the top, making it hard to replace. Take it to an upholstery shop, they can throw a patch on it for temp purposes.
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  5. My dealer is telling me that the rear window and the top are 2 different pieces.. Is this true ??

    If I ordered a new top, wouldnt it include the rear window??
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  7. I just got my top replaced and it ran $844 with tax and labor..both pieces too glass and top.. :nice: I like it a lot, it is a lot darker now too to match the car..(black car black top black leather!)
  8. The windows are not included unless you specifically order that they be included with the roof... http://www.soft-tops.com/index.html

    I am by no means suggesting you shop at these places, as I don't know how reputable they are... but it gives an idea of the pricing anyway...

    Maybe call around some vinyl shops and see if it can be repaired with liquid vinyl or some such product.
  9. The tear is not repairable. The window and top are seperate pieces. Typically you can replace the top and re-use your existing window.

    Expect to pay $500-700 for vinyl and $1000-1200 for cloth. I strongly recommend cloth.
  10. Thanks for clearing that up guys.

    One more question, does the window slip into the top piece ? Or is the window already encased in a piece that ties in together with the top ?