Tech And Talk Are Getting Confused

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  1. At least that's the way I see it. At my last count,.. there were 4 tech related questions/topics on the first page alone.

    I would think the guidelines are pretty clear:

    Asking for help in determining how much horsepower a particular H.C.I. combination will make belongs here.

    Asking for help when the recommended H.C.I. combination won't even run belongs there.
  2. Thanks. I concur. Sticky.
  3. I liked grumpy face avatar better!

    I do agree that things have been mixed up quite a bit however
  4. I for one mostly access the forums via tapatalk, and i see alot of other folks do to. I usually just go to the newest threads and chime in where needed. Alot of times I dont even pay attenion to what forum im in. Now if i'm starting a topic, then yes
  5. I'm cleaning it up a bit. I haven't flexed any mod muscle in a long time. Need to get back on my game.
  6. So do build threads fall more into talk or tech?
  7. depends what your building... a mustang or a lego house?
  8. It's a grey area, I guess. But, the progress threads thread is in talk, and I'm inclined to go with that. Normally, they're more a show and talk kinda thread than a "how do you fix this," or "here's how to do this" kinda thread. Let's just go with Talk.
  9. Gotcha. Although I feel like sometimes I'm showing how not to build a mustang in my thread. :oops:
  10. My two cents worth....

    You posted a TECH question in Talk. This limits your chances of getting some really good advice, since most guys aren't looking for Tech stuff in the Talk forum.

    My advice to you is to twofold:
    1.) Send a PM to one of the moderators and have your thread moved to 5.0 Tech
    2.) Next time you start a thread, think about where it goes. If you are new to Stangnet, please read the terms of service and give extra thought to where your new thread belongs. There is some help in the text below to help you find the best place to start your thread.
    General tech problems go in 5.0 Tech. Tech is for suspension, electrical, brakes, body, engine repair and general troubleshooting on the computer & trouble codes

    Tall tales about your 5.0 Mustang, pictures of your 5.0 Mustang project and stories about your last trip to the race track go in 5.0 Talk.

    Do this and you'll get the best answers quicker and not get lost in the maze of posts about everything but the type of problem you are having.

    Having said that, here’s some help…

    I try to do this when I find a misplaced post.
  11. @jrichker, you're the backbone of tech support in the 5.0 forums, man. Thanks for what you do for the community.
  12. It didnt seem to be as big of a deal before there were 158,320 discussions in one area
  13. Seriously... I have had to fix a lot of stuff and I've read some of his stuff going back years and its really been helpful to me.

    Also, thank you jrichker for your help recently. I did the X3Z and all that stuff and my car is running the best it has since I've owned it. I appreciate it. Haven't smogged it yet, but I think I have a good shot.
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  14. On the subject of no kidding BUILD threads:

    Here's how it is currently setup...

    All of those kinds of threads get started in the Talk section as a PROGRESS THREAD. Why? There were too many threads being started in TECH as so called BUILD THREADS where the owner/thread starter wasn't doing any of the work. So there was no HOW-TO in these threads... Just pic updates on the car coming out of the mechanic's shop, or out of the paint shop, or back from whatever installer.

    As you can imagine, folks that were actually doing BUILD THREADS were saying, "WTF". :shrug:

    So now it's up to staff to identify real BUILD threads. As they're reviewing PROGRESS THREADS, they make a determination. BUILD thread tags are only selectable by staff. They should be moved into the TECH forum and the appropriate tag installed at that time.

    @FastDriver If you don't possess this capability, let me know and I'll get that piece fixed.
  15. I'll try to do that, but I honestly think it's all kind of ambiguous. People may follow a build thread that has good tech material in it, but when searching for something you need help on, it's kinda hard to identify an appropriate build thread to look at. My vote would generally be to keep all of the build/progress threads in talk, and maybe allow guys who do something specific in their build to share that in a separate thread titled, "How to ____" If I have the mod power to do designate build threads, I'm not aware of how to do it.
  16. That's what resources are for. There's a tab in each resource for the discussion portion.

    We're slowly transitioning from having BUILD threads in the tech section to having RESOURCES. Just have to get people familiar with it. The discussion portion of the resource can be put into any forum on the site by SMOD+.

    It's a pretty handy system. Still very alien to most forum users.
  17. Cool. I'll look into that when I get a chance.

  18. Yeah... Go through and get a good feel for how it works and what it does. If you're interested, I could always use help moderating those kinds of things as well... Particularly in getting folks setup and squared away to start a resource, as well as converting some of the better threads out there "to" a resource.
  19. @Noobz347 - I'm interested in helping with the resources, if needed. Still "alien" indeed... There's a few things coming up on my car that I could thouroghly document and explain, such as torque boxes, sumping gas tank, etc. That we might be able to add in?

  20. Yeppers! Anyone who is an official member+ on this forum can create a resource. Go through it and get familiar... You can even create a TEST resource if you desire so that you can get the hang of it.

    Once you've finished with the test, just drop me a line an I can remove it for you. Become THOROUGHLY well verse in how it can be used and how it operates and we can talk further.

    Hit me up with any questions you might have etc. There are of course, limitations to anything of this nature but some require just work-arounds while others might be important enough to start getting in at the coding level.

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