Tech And Talk Are Getting Confused

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  1. As a new member, I think it is pretty confusing. I'm only interested in anything Fox body, so I'm forced to read through "talk" being all thrown into the same box as other years. I will try this site for a while, but its not making good first impressions

  2. I don't think I've ever met a newb who could walk right into a forum and know how it operates. :shrug:

    Have you reviewed the forum structure?
    Have you looked to see what this forum is capable of vs. VBulletin?
    Have you reviewed the TOS?
  3. Well you just met a new level of n00b. I will get familure with things here soon enough.
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  4. LOL... That's almost custom title worthy right there. :lol:
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  5. I have been on forums for years. I actually started out on BBS boards if any of you remember those. This forum is confusing. But it's not Noobz fault. I understand the reasoning for the layout. Having our beloved SN95's split between 5.0 and 4.6L cars really screws things up. On top of that, having the same 5.0L engine used in Fox Body and SN95 cars causes more problems. So coming up with a layout that works well would be a real pain in the butt.

    My only suggestion would be to ignore the year of the car and concentrate on the body style, engine, drivetrain. So having a 5.0L Pushrod forum then sub-divide it for the various years, 4.6L modular forum, etc would be a lot easier to navigate. There could be suspension forums sub-divided by platform and options such as IRS or live axle. So my suggestion would be a layout such as...


    5.0L Pushrod Forum

    4.6L Modular Forum

    year range
    year range
    Live Axle
    year range
    year range

    PAINT and BODY

    Mods and Detailing
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  6. blah, then you'll get those guys with a mod motor in their fox and wonder where they belong, etc
  7. You're right about one thing. LOL It's hard to come up with a good layout. The version you listed here would have people running all over the place because tech for their car would be spread over multiple forums. Let a noob try to find his way around that! hehehe

    Our forums aren't that tough to figure out... It goes something like this:

    -Welcome and misc.

    -Year Talk
    --Platform tech


  8. its setup pretty well as is, especially for us that are already confused :confused:

  9. *whispering* They don't know that I'm planning to scramble them all up again. I got a button... Spins the forums around like slot machine wheels. :ninja:
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  10. As you know, I use tapatalk 95% of the time. Most of the time I don't even know what forum i'm in as I always default to newest posts first
  11. I've been using Tapatalk lately as well. So this is all moot to me also. But I do understand the confusion.
  12. Looks to me like the biggest confusion is in "builds". There are several in talk, and several in tech. Maybe another subforum for builds is needed?
  13. My build does seem to have an identity crisis. It was a build, now it's progress.
  14. Still not sure which forum my build should be in :hide:
  15. Was it a BUILD before? I just can't remember.

    Oh wait... was yours converted to a resource?
  16. It was a 'Build Thread' in tech. It wasn't converted to a resource yet. I need to update my resource page.
  17. RacEoHolic330, I moved it to talk, but that was before I became confused, and at the time I was convinced that all builds and progress threads should be there. Some are more tech. Some are more talk. I would personally prefer to lump them all in talk, but I do believe they should be lumped somewhere. Tech stuff ought to be about specific tech with titles that are clear about the tech therein. "Fuzzynuts' fun fox fabrication" as a title doesn't really give me a clue about a specific issue that I need help with. Plus some build threads, like my own, don't have much tech at all in them.

    So, my position remains, throw 'em all in talk, but then again I have no idea about this "resource" stuff, yet.
  18. No worries. I don't care where it is. I was actually surprised when it was moved to tech last year sometime. It makes sense that progress/build (is there really even a difference?) threads be in talk anyway.

  19. If you prefer, I can move the BUILD THREAD tags over to the general/talk section. I will insist though, that the BUILD tags remain selectable by staff only. I don't like seeing build threads constantly created by folks that take their car to the body shop to have a dent removed or decide to put on a new set of wheels. :rolleyes: Build threads are reserved for folks who are no-kidding, doing and documenting an actual build. I think that the staff here are more than capable of making that distinction.
  20. For me, whatever's clever. I'm not going to lose sleep either way, bro. Just tell me whatcha want :)