Tech And Talk Are Getting Confused

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  3. LMFAO!!! that was funny :rlaugh:
    Spin'um and let God sort'em out HA!!!
  4. Talk and Tech are probably getting mixed up because the navigation of the site sucks. Back in the day the forums home page had direct links to both the Talk and Tech sections. Now you have to through to Talk to get to Tech (if one even knows that it's there).
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  5. Currently not liking the talk/tech confusion. Just saying.
  6. to be honest....i didnt know talk was even there,until one day i saw a post moved to talk....then i scrolled down and saw,from my cell phone though, i just clicked mustang tech every i posted tech question the first couple posts....

  7. This is half of the reason... Literally. Half of the visits to this site these days are mobile. It really is right down the middle.

    The other half is that today's competition are social media sites. Everyone knows that. So the decision was made to swap to a more social layout. This is what the majority of actual computer users spend time on. The interface of a PC is still laid out better than mobile devices and you have more options and controls. Those controls and the greater ability to navigate over a PC is what helped to push to the current layout.

    So far, the change has caused an elevation in new memberships. It also helps to keep the Technical section more pure without the side talk etc. I can't tell you how much time I spent moving posts from mobile users, out of the tech section and into the talk. It's much less time consuming to move the rare Tech thread, out of the Talk section.

    So the bottom line is that it wasn't a random decision. It was carefully thought about beforehand.

    Here's the good news for the folks that don't like it:

    This forum is CONSTANTLY evolving. You can count on one hand, the number of internet forums that are updated as often as this one is. As more and more tools and innovations come around, the more of these tools we will select and install to make it that much better. So don't worry too much about any current discontent.

    We have a pretty major update coming in this month. The update should be transparent to users initially. Updates usually preserve all of our previous options. As we develop a better understanding of the new features, we will bring them online one by one while not implementing others. So stay tuned folks... The only constant is change. :)
  8. now that i know i have no real issues....just i didnt notice to scroll down the first few times i came on the site....mostly because im viewing from my phone...