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  1. I think Stangnet needs one of these. A section with how-to's and tips about mustang part installations, and maitenence. Users submit articles with pictures, and detailed content without having to search through the "tech" forums for broken, vague information.

    Here's a good example at TCCOA and the

    Think the stangnet admins could make it happen? I know it would be a huge help to alot of mustang owners, and it would set Stangnet apart from other mustang websites.
  2. i second that idea
  3. Although I admit thats a good list of tech articles, they need more. They need to cover step by step for people who don't know much about cars on how to do simple things like changing their oil, air filters, transmission fluid, etc. Then, work their way up to thing even harder than whats listed, like gear, intake, and cylinder head swaps. I know thats pretty extensive and will require some time, but still, it can be done.
  4. It's what we would love to do, but it is all about time. ;)

    We are planning doing some things this summer.
  5. Sounds good, but now I have to dig up the four or five How-To's I posted before in the sixer forums!
  7. Anyone can submit articles if they like as well. ;)

    Just let us know over at the support area.

    We have a few to post next week.

  8. In what format should we be submitting the how-tos (Word, plain text, HTML)? I also was including a butt-load of pics with my how-tos as well. Should we keep to the forums rules for that or what?

    It would be helpful if people would send the articles in a standardized format to speed along the posting. I myself would volunteer to review, edit, format, and SPELL CHECK articles for accuracy and content, as well as follow up with the writers on things before they were submitted, if the powers that be would like.

    I used to write technical instructions for four years. Let us know!
  9. Well Marvin, why don't you email me directly and we will coordinate.

    Tech Articles should be submitted in plain text files with pictures attached. Then we can format to our liking.

    I will look into some system to hold the articles so you can edit and post online via web interface.

    What ya think?

    mraburn @

  10. Sounds like a plan. Email on the way...