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  1. My 95 4x4 all the time,jeep cherokee's oil pressure guage recently has been fluttering and getting stuck, Im not sure if this is a mechanical issue or the guage is faulty. If i accelerate the guage will start at around 40psi and make its way towards 80 and during its way up it will flutter and sometimes jump all the way to 80 and get stuck. I checked my oil level and it is full. Any ideas? it has the stock 4.0 in it.

  2. it's either a faulty guage or sender, or you have a piece of sludge or other trash in the galley that is getting stuck in the sender, happened on my stang once with a piece of teflon tape from the sender extension fitting. my chero doesn't have the guage just an idiot light so i can't say i've ever experienced that problem with mine, but it has 176,000 miles and still runs like a top. i do now understand though, why all the off road guys want to get rid of the stock dana 35 rear, mine is a 2 wheel drive and i am about to have to replace that POS dana 35, anyone know if the 8' rear from a granada will bolt in with minor mods? just curious
  3. bnickle, 8" rears are a common cherokee swap. Explorer axles w/ disc brakes are what folks tend to look for. Granada :shrug:

    For both yours and 66coups question, you guys should ask at tech boards, theres a wealth of information to be had there - go to the OEM tech forum for the oil gage question, seems like someone recently posted with the same issue.

    lol my first post on a stang forum is to help fellow XJ owners!
  4. lol my first post on a stang forum is to help fellow XJ owners!

    yeah thanks for the link, i have read pretty much every post on the street and performance bulletin already :nice: