Tech Package Or Base Stereo And Upgrade To Aftermarket?

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  1. Thanks for all of those who have responded to my posts and questions thus far...I'm near the end on a GT purchase...

    Question - do I add the Tech Package for $1200 +/- or do I just go with the base stereo and have a shop add a bluetooth, hands free system and all new speakers for about $1000?

    It looks like I could add a head unit, good speakers, and the new dash insert with digital AC controls for about that price.

    Do those of you with the Tech package talk to the car much?
  2. Ford Sync is by NO MEANS perfect, but neither will a bluetooth head unit be. I've used Bluetooth head units before...they don't have voice commands typically and the quality sucks over BT. The quality is almost as good as line in with the Ford Sync.

    Another thing to think about is having a hacked up dash with aftermarket crap everywhere and standard DIN shaped radio looking like a 90's used car. Trust me, it's WORTH the extra $200. Doesn't the power seat come with the sync as a package by default?

    another thing, I really doubt you could get all that stuff including good speakers for $1k. Seems like you would have to cheap out on a lot of stuff.

    If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you will be able to use apps over sync too, like Pandora and disliking songs and such, using the steering controls.
  3. Tech does come with a power seat and an auto-dimming mirror - good point on the look of a non factory stereo. I may end up with the Tech Package and change out the speakers in the doors - and if I'm really unhappy, change out the rear speakers as well.
  4. yeah, the factory speakers are no comparison to the Shaker system, but they are decent.

    what other options are u getting, or do u have a thread devoted to this somewhere else?
  5. The power seat is super convenient if you have a manual. I like to sit up closer when doing a lot of shifting, and then scoot back when on the highway. This makes it a lot easier.
  6. That's pretty much it, Base GT, Tech Package, maybe a gear upgrade. I'll add tint and likely upgrade the door speakers.
  7. what about Brembos?? U cant go without those!
  8. I'm stretching it on getting the GT - No Brembos for me...
  9. get everything stock then except the Brembos. U can get a replacement radio from ford or a junk yard later.
    Brembos are necessary with how fast these cars accelerate. You could literally die without them haha
  10. Yeah, forget the stock stereos, upgrade it later with an aftermarket system, you'll be a lot happier. I bought a base Gt and I'm doing to it what I want. So far it's been lowered, I tinted the rear tail lights and added the cervini trunk filler, changed the front grill to the saleen grille with the California special lower valance, added the ford racing recaros and up graded the stereo to a kenwood with nav all new infinity component speakers with a jl audio sub and a Memphis five channel amp. That's the beauty of a base model car, you can do to it what you want and not worry about taking off something you already paid for, unless your totally happy with what the manufacturer offers.

  11. diggin the chick thats getting blown
  12. still looks so "aftermarket" imo. I guess I just like a classic, clean, original look
  13. Anybody have a base radio where they have upgraded the speakers? Looking at some possible upgrades...
  14. Ok, I wrapped it up today - did the best I could with dealers in a 100 mile radius...
    2014 GT Base Manual
    Went with Tech package
    Its a daily driver so I left 3.31 gears after much debate
    No other options
    $26,950 (before our standard sales tax and tag which is about $350 here)

    That includes $2500 Ford Rebate and $750 Ford Private Coupon

    Hope I did as well as I could...
  15. that sounds good
  16. I like it, actually looks much cleaner than the 1000 knob stock version and much easier to use. The steering wheel controls even work.
  17. I got mine with Brembo brakes, sync (tech package 301A) for 28k. Mine was off a dealer lot though. What about seeking an x-plan code? You could get it for slightly under invoice plus the rebates.

    I guess to be honest, you could find someone selling Brembo wheels for cheap (sell your stockers too) and get on the the FRPP or aftermarket brakes/brembo kits for cheaper than the list price of $1695 for the Brembo package. Right??
  18. I have always heard just go with the factory stereo upgrades. If you get a car without the steering wheel options, if it is even possible, it will be difficult to upgrade that even with a donor car. Unless of coarse you feel like replacing the computer system. Even the head unit will work better with the factory upgrade. Your best bet is getting the factory upgrade! If you are unhappy with the sound, replace the speakers or give it a sub.