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  1. I tightened the jam nuts when i had it the "stock" length. I drove it for a week to let everything settle.
    To center it you measure the distance between the edge of the wheel lip and the tire on each side. Then you loosen the jam nuts and turn the adjuster to shorten or lengthen the bar as necessary. Lengthening the bar will shift the body toward the passenger side, shortening the bar will shift the body toward the drivers side. Make small adjustments and measure to see where you are.
  2. Section8 - The ride is a little stiffer, but not harsh.

    Scott - I have tackled several BIG speed bumps so far. If you take them slow they are no problem straight on. I refuse to have a car I need to creep over bumps at an angle with (unless it's a purpose built racecar)
  3. Did you have to compress the rear springs to get them out?
  4. No compressing of the rear springs needed.
  5. This is going to sound bad.. but I take it to make the nut adjustments and get both side equal.. I will have to lift both back tires off the ground that was it can push it back and forth.. haha.. I think..
  6. Nope, you want the suspension loaded (wheels on ground, ramps, or rack). Loosen the jam nuts, turn the adjuster, and measure. Keep adjusting/measuring until you have centered the body.
  7. Thats what I thought I read off the instructions.. but I just cant seem to see it in my mind.. moving a small bolt to push the tire in or out with all that weight in it? thats like spreading my ex's legs apart while standing up. (sorry for the graphic story) but hopefully you can get the meaning.
  8. I just installed these same springs in my 05 convertible tonight and I ran into one additional snag when doing the rear springs.

    The convertible has additional bracing under the rear axle that prevents the axle from dropping more than about 2 inches after you unhook the rear shocks. So, your choices are to remove the bracing (didn't look easy to me) or to try to get a spring compressor up in there to compress the rear springs just enough to pry them out of there.

    Sucks because there is not much room up there so I had to manually tighten that spring compressor with a crescent wrench... Pain in the butt, but they're in now (3 hours later).

    Anyway, just thought I'd let any of you convertible guys out there know what you're in for on the backend.
  9. What is the part number of that kit? looks perfect.
  10. Again, Link no longer works :(
  11. What was the modification to the bump stops in the front? I just installed Vogtland springs and they had no directions so I didn't know I was supposed to do something to the stops.
  12. Technical Write up thread.

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  13. there were some write-ups that i didnt even know were there. thanks!
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