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  1. So, i am getting close to buying new tires :D and i need to do the tradition of finishing off the tires, i have a closed lot where i can do it without problems from others but i need some tips on keeping the car still, Now, i can do a nhra style rolling burnout but haven't mastered the standing still. all ideas and tips appreciated!!:SNSign:

    oh yeah, i'm going to catch it with my dv camcorder for the masses
  2. put it in 1st gear rev it to 4k pop the clutch,(now put your left foot to brake) floor it to about 6k as soon as it get near 6k speed-shift second, left foot back on the brakes, floor that **** and play with the throttle between 4500-6000 rpm, you can burnout forever like that.
  3. OR

    Stop, rev to 4500 in 2nd gear and dump the clutch...immediatly press the break with your left foot and if it still rolling, press the break harder until it stops. Then let a little tention off the breaks, all the while keeping thr RPMs around 4500RPM. You dont want to be burying the needle to 6000RPM lol...especially while setting still (re overheating engine) .

    Starting out in 2nd is much easier :) .
  4. I start out in second when the ground is wet(like on a dragstrip), starting in second on dry land is harder on the drivetrain.
    edit: I was giving him the easy way anyways, I heel toe the gas-brake with my right foot and use the left exclusivly for the clutch when burning out/driving aggressivly
  5. True...but doing a burnout isnt exactly the idea way to treat you car LOL. But with stock width 245s, he should be fine....as long as he dumps it fast everything should be fine.

    BUT, when you shift from 1st to 2nd, even @ 6K...your rear tires will stop spinning and when you hit second its the same as going from second anyways. :shrug:
  6. a layer of gas has been created......blah blah...
    CoF has greatly beeen decreased.
  7. CoF = coeficient of friction. in other words, it takes less effort to keep something moving than to get it moving from a stop.

    forces (friction, and gravity) from the initial position have to be overcomed in order to get it moving. by burning the tires in 1st, there's a layer of gas (smoke) that helps "lube" the tires.

    anyways, I'd say start in 2nd like 331 said. easier to get a smokey show and modulate the rpms than to shift into 2nd from 1st.
  8. If one has enough power, they should be able to "lube" the tires while rollin' ... :SNSign:
  9. With the clutch in, put the heel of your foot on the brake and the toes of your right foot on the gas. Rev the car up to about 4500rpm in 2nd gear and dump the clutch. She'll start out slow and keep going and hold it around 5500rpm. Nice, big, smoky, stinky burnout :D . When you want to go forward just let your foot of the brake and it will burnout forward.