Techron In 65 Mustang

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm new to this site. In fact, I'm new to mustangs. I am picking up my 1965 Mustang tomorrow. I was told to run Techron through the fuel tank on my drive home. Is this safe for my car? It is a 289, 2 bbl. The previous owners have only put approx. 1k miles on it in the last 9 years. I would appreciate any comments, concerns from anyone. Thanks,
  2. @horse sence

    Is this thing even setup for unleaded gas? :shrug:
  3. not a clue:shrug: . about all i ever run in mine is Shell unleaded
  4. techron is fine for use in your stang. i used it years ago in mine when i still had the car on the street. i have also used techron in a variety of cars, both carbed and injected.
  5. Thanks for the responses. The car does run. It seemed to run good. The previous owners just didn't drive it much except for around town. Approx 1k miles in 9 years. I just thought running Techron through a fresh tank of gas at highway speed (or close to it), might do the car some good. I am bringing an extra fuel filter w/ me, just in case.

    My father-in-law had suggested it. The previous owner probably doesn't even know what Techron is. He wasn't much of a car guy, but did have $$$ and had regular tune ups done, in addition to other things.

    Thanks for everyone's responses.