Teh gold FR500 thread....finally....

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  1. So i decided the car needed a change and decided id target my wheels... after some research and having some srt4 burnt orange sitting in my garage i started mixing and came up with what is pretty damn near close to BBS gold.. i threw it on the rims, went and snapped some pics and put my favorite one as my sig.

    Within a day a had gotten a bunch of great comments and a few threads got hijacked because of them...i didnt think anyone would even like them but they seem to be a hit...so here's a teaser pic and a little bit on how they were done..ill post more pics later but this is all i have on hand at this time

    Favorite pic

    Well since i was scared i would hate it and didnt want to ruin my rims i played it safe and grabbed a few cans of plasti dip, taped off my rims and sprayed the plastidip as a primer...i dis it this way so that if it looked horrible i could peel it off without any damage to the wheel.

  2. Once i put about 5 or 6 coats i let the rims sit overnight for the platidip to cure...i did a ton of coats because i was paronoid of any paint seeping through..

    After i let the rims sit, i sprayed the paint and once i laid the first coat i knew i was going to like it..


    Then end result came out like this


    I will say this, if you are doing to do a project like this with plasti dip START SMALL..since the plastidip is a rubber coating it does not act the same way with tape like paint does...what that means is you cant tape an area off, let it dry, then peel the tape away like if you were painting a car or a design on a car...the plastidip coats over the tape so if you peel the tape, rhe plastidip comes with it...i had to ouline the tape with a razor blade before i peeled it off...once i did that, i was good to go..

    Another thing...paints with primer built in will eat the plastidip away and you will be screwed so keep that in mind..

    Since this came out the way i wanted i may, at some point, pull this off and actually paint them cause i love it..

    Ill be posting more pics in a day or so, plus a few other pic request i have been getting so check back...

    Love em? Hate em? Let me know...i can take the criticism
  3. They look bad ass, IMO. :nice:
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  4. Wow they came out looking really good!
  5. Thanks guys...im digging it so far
  6. looks great...

    I've always been a fan of gold centered wheels on dark colored cars (had gold centered "Daisy" wheels on my black '66 back in the 80's)
  7. Thwy definitely make a dark colored car pop...the blue looks deeper to me know...

    Too bad theyre not BBS weight now lol
  8. Nothing some grinding can't accomplish... :hide:
  9. Lol i guess if i decide to actually paint them i can sand them down a little more than needed lol...

    But if i paint them 98COBRA281 might stick my fingers in his turbo then run me over in his truck since these are his old rims hahaha
  10. I think it looks great! I thought I was seeing things when i first seen your profile pic was changed. I kept thinking "I knew those were silver". Then i seen you posted you painted. Looks badass!
  11. I've been thinking about doing this to mine ever since I saw the picture of stprolla's buddies SN95...
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  12. Word! That might be the best looking Aero SN95 I've ever seen. Those gold wheels with red centers really made that white car pop




  13. Thats the car that inspired me to do it lol
  14. Looks damn good.:nice:

    Btw do you still have the 32ft tall stock antenna on your stang?:D

    The first picture it looks like you do, I cut my stock antenna this past week and it came out looking really good...
  15. Thanks!

    Yep, its still on there...thats how i roll
  16. Looks really good!
  17. That looks really good! :nice:
  18. Nice!, little skeptical after I read the title but those came out looking sweet :nice:
  19. that is most likely the best use for plasti-dip :nice: