Teh gold FR500 thread....finally....

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  1. Night Shifter is good at rim jobs.....

  2. Yes it is lol...now i just an be like Stumbaugh and make color changes every week lol
  3. Heck yea!

    Wait........................... :nonono:
  4. Looks amazing! Nice work!
  5. Holy shart...:nice:
  6. Haha. Did I mention that I sold that cobra convertible, bought an Escalade, and bought a 98 GT roller?
  7. I knew you sold the cobra but didnt know about the other two..

    Damn your cadillac pimpin now :nice:
  8. That looks awesome! If I painted them they'd have all kinds of runs.
  9. Yeah I got tired of paying for gas in the truck when I traveled. Plus those mud grapplers don't last to long and they are expensive. So I bought the Escalade to travel in and pull my ski boat. And the truck just gets to sit now. The 98 will get the "because Race Car" treatment. Will keep everyone updated.

    Didn't mean to thread jack. I'm not usually a fan of gold colored wheels but those look amazing on your car. Great job on painting them.
  10. Well f'k my job im comin to work with you lol...i always wanted an escalade and i need som jet skis haha
  11. RICE! JK! Those wheels look amazing on your car! So all these mods done to the little ole 2v and nothing for the Evo? Is the Evo getting any love? I want to see a pic of the Evo and Stang together!
  12. plasti-dip + duplicolor chrome paint = :leaving:
  13. I got some tein lowering springs for it, an ams intercooler, tb, intake and an hk ssq bov...i got some photo plans in ther works... theyll be posted soon :nice:

    Im just trying to keep it reliable...its fast enough as is
  14. ...........................
  15. yeah. i went there. :jester:
  16. Right on looks awesome
    I painted mine myself some time back
    Shot the entire rim in GlossBlack. Then taped off the lip an did the spokes in FlatBlack. Couldn't just take a brandnew set of rims an paint them a plain Jane one color. Had to mix it up.
  17. how many cans of plasti-dip per rim did you use?
  18. I only used 2 cans.. one can was enought to do 2 wheels....i even put hefty coats of it on the wheels...if i woulda been painting more than the spokes then i woulda needed another can