Teh gold FR500 thread....finally....

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  1. Very nice Artie. I think that's the first set of FR500's I've liked on a car. :nice:
  2. Looks amazing. I want to do a set of FR500s in bronze for my car.
  3. Thank you Sir!

  4. plastidip is freaking awesome! I wander how those would look on a red notch? hmmm...
  5. Post moar pics of the car with the wheels...like side views.
  6. I think Artie is more of a Lurker now a days. He's probably too busy driving his car, to worry about hanging out on here with this lot. :D
  7. I plan on doing a photoshoot this week weather permitting. Those pics will hopefully be up this weekend. I will tag you in it as soon as they are up. Since the last pics the car has been put on coilovers all the was around and is now super low and at the perfect height

    Gearbanger 101 is right, i have just been lurking lately...my past job burned me out on mustangs and i actually havnt driven the car but maybe 4 or 5 times since november of last year..since december i left that crap hole and its taken a while but i am finally getting back into things so look forward to me posting more and i will be getting some new pics up soon!
  8. RWDtech i hope these will hold you over for now
    .crappy cell phone garage pics :

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  10. Hot damn! Some cobra side skirts & mirrors would go a long ways on that car imo. Way out there idea, but I wonder if a retrofit HID person could pull apart a set of headlights and paint the amber corners gold to match the wheels. Just a crazy subtle thought :shrug: Either way the car looks bad ass sitting on those coilovers.
  11. That's sharp. Bet those would look good on a Redfire GT too......
    I won't do it though, cause I would surely screw it up.

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  12. In some angles/lighting the amber corners look the same color.. ive been wanting cobra skirts for for a while but they are ridiculously priced. Contemplating roush skirts and going side exit but thats not exactly cheap either.. thanks for the complement, im digging the stance and it rides no worse than when i had sportlines and i have a heafty spring rate right now
  13. A redfire gt would look so damn good with frs like mine..if seen a few red cars around here with gold/bronze wheels and they are perfect color matches
  14. looks great man!! Thanks for posting up pics!
  15. I need to do this to a set of bullitts.
  16. Thanks! No problem

    Do it!
  17. I have some many want to do's and a lot more wallet don't lol.
  18. I hear you on that lol!
  19. You did a really good job on that painting sir. Need some clear corners the amber clashes with the gold.
  20. Thanks i appreciate it..ive been putting off buying headlight since i bought the car...i probably will go with clear corners when i buy them.. when the light hits them just right the amber matches pretty good though...i wish i could paint the corners the same color