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  1. As you can see I have a Mach and I'm in the process of building it. I'm Procharging it and I'm looking to run about 15 psi on it. I'm shooting for about 600rwhp. Well in the process of this I found out my stock WAP block can't handle the power. So I did some searching and found out that a Teksid block is a pretty strong block and can take a beating. Well I was informed by a local idot that Teksid aluminum blocks are crap and DOHC cars suck but anyways. So does anyone out there know the hp ratings on Teksid block and what models they came in? I also heard that 1993-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII had them but I don't know :shrug:. Lastly how can you identify a Teksid? I know they have perfect squares in the vally instead of the crossed hatched pattern of mine.
  2. IIRC, a Teksid should definitely be capable of handling the 600rwhp you are planning for. I think they are good for around 800hp or so if I remember...

    I'm not sure about which models they were featured on, but there was a good thread over on SVTP that covered the identification of them for some of the 99/01 engines:

  3. I've heard since posting they came in the 96-98 Cobras as well. Thanks for the info.
  4. Go and read the Al Papitto interview in the January '08 edition of 'Muscle Mustangs'. It will shed some light on the subject.

    He states that the Teksid blocks, made from '92-'99, are the most desirable, but he has had no trouble with the later blocks. He also states that the aluminum blocks are better than even the '03-'04 Terminator blocks because of their four-bolt mains and can support more horsepower than the two-bolt main cap Terminator block.

    Either way, it makes me wonder why Ford used the heavy iron block adding a boat-load of weight to our '03-'04 Cobras.

    The new 'Aluminator' is sounding pretty good to me.

  5. Well to be technically accurate the Terminator block is a 4 bolt and the Teksid is a 6 bolt.

    Pictures don't lie.



  6. I'm having some trouble finding that article. Little help on finding it or maybe a link? And also the "Aluminator" looks freaking sweet. They had one at the NMRA Finals in Bowling Green last year at the Ford Racing tent. I plan on making my valve covers blue like that but I'm gonna powered coat them to match my Azure Blue. Do you know what kind of internals the Aluminator has ?
  7. I dunno, Meat, I am looking at two bolt caps on the Terminator and four bolt caps on the Teksid, according to the pictures that you show.

    Either way, I can't figure out why Ford went with the heavy iron block when the aluminum block is stronger and lighter. Our Cobras are heavy enough as it is. Knocking off that weight and adding a decent K-member would take over one hundred pounds off the nose of our Cobras.

    I guess that my next project is going to be either the Aluminator or using the block out of my dying MKVIII to build a new bullett for my '03 when my extended warranty runs out at the end of September.

  8. the teksid are 6 bolt, notice there are cross bolts on the mains. the 03/04 cobra block has the side bolts too.
  9. :nice: Correct! Both blocks utilize cross bolts.

  10. It might be good to read the article. Papitto refers to them as two bolt main caps, regardless of the fact that they have side bolts. I really can't question one of the top Modular builders in the U.S. and builder of Joe Cermin's monster GT motor.

    He also states that the Terminator block is subject to main cap walk above 550 horses or so because of the two bolt main caps. Who am I to argue?

    Either way, most of us are mere mortals compared to Papitto when it comes to the Ford Modular family.

    I bow to his authority.

  11. its all semantics. the LS series of motors from GM are 6 bolt main, same configuration as the teksid block. if you would prefer to call it 2 bolt main with side bolts, then feel free to call it that. i personally see a main cap with 6 bolt holes in it and refer to it as a 6 bolt main.
  12. I guess that my point was that if major builders like Papitto call it a two-bolt main then that is what it probably is. Once again, who am I to argue with Al Papitto?

    Either way, if you really want to get major HP out of the Terminator block it would probably be a good idea to go with a main support from a company like DSS. It is peace of mind for under $400.

  13. You say tomato, I say tomatoe.

  14. I guess that this could go back-and-forth all day and not get resolved.

    I read your faq about your car, Meat, and was kind of surprised that somebody else keeps track of each fill-up and mileage. My friends think that I am anal about that stuff, but it gives me good idea about how things are operating. My '99 regularly bounced off of 30 MPG on the highway while I am lucky to get 24 with the '03, top up or down.

    Either way, it is good to see that others out there keep track of these things.

    Good luck on the sale of your Snake.

  15. Yeah it's a habit I picked up from my father. You're spot o to the reason behind doing it too! A loss of MPG can point towards a problem which may not be evident by just simply driving the vehicle. Plus on the up side it's a good way to show a potential buyer what type of driver you are. It's pretty evident from the log book that I don't beat on my car at all. You can't drive these things like a bat out of hell and still get 17MPG city!!!

  16. Watch Muscle cars build up of their Teskid engine. They bored it to a 5.0 and the guy they had there, Sean Highland, to do the build is supposed to be the Teksid guru, hes been building them for 10+ years stated that the Teksid block can handle 1200 hp without faliure. He makes his own aluminum blocks based on the Teksid that can handle 2500 hp :eek:
    Remember though if you get one from a Mark that they only have a cast 6 bolt crank so you would want the more desierable Cobra forged crank that can also withstand 1200 hp. :nice:

    It might be on late at night this weekend as the episode was just on this last weekend. The project is called Altered Ego and here is the link
    Musclecar - Episodes

  17. Save your money. WAP's can handle 600rwhp no prob. Modular blocks in general are very strong. I think mainly because the cam(s) don't have to go through the block like a pushrod. If tons of 03/04 cobras are putting down 600-700rwhp with a KB or whipple with a 2 bolt main (not counting side bolts) then you're fine.


    EDIT: just realized this thread is over 4 months old. lol. My bad.
  18. There are plenty of WAP block cars running 1000whp. I don't think you will have a problem with your number. I was told there is debate as to which is stronger WAP or teksid? I don't know. But all I know is lower end strength is a biggy for me and I will buy whatever is strong. I don't want to change blocks. I plan on buying a 99-01 cobra and use the stock WAP block on a build plan of making 800whp. Good luck with your car.