Tell me about this Quarter Horse tuner

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 5.0_GT_kid, May 4, 2010.

  1. So I've been slowly getting back into the Mustang game here lately, and it appears that in my time away, this Quarter Horse thing popped up on the scene.

    Can anyone give me a breakdown (in layman's terms) how this stacks up to the old Tweecer, which I have been considering for some time now.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Can be updated while the engine is running is biggest difference , datalogs and allows for same access
  3. glad to see ya back around man!

    There is no reason to go with a tweecer. The Quarter Horse does everything it can do for 1/3rd the price.
  4. can you access the cars ecm while the engine is off? Right now my car is running so rich that it would have a hard time idleing for me to try to change the parameters. i know that you can tune on the fly, so i am figuring that you can do it with the engine off as well???
  5. Thanks man. How have things been going for you?

    Looks like Quarter Horse is the way to go!

    Can anyone comment on which one is more user friendly?
  6. You should be able to as long as you're at KOEO.
    Either one is going to be about the same. If you use EEC Analyzer/Binary Editor, it'll be exactly the same, since it's compatible with both devices.
  7. what do you mean KOEO? Key on engine off? i tried doing that yesterday but i couldnt do anything on B.E. the cars battery was about dead so that might have been the problem anyway. My laptop did pick up the tuner (well universal scanner). But after that the battery was about out.
  8. Cant complain. Recently got married and moved to Indianapolis. 1,000,000 times better than Detroit (although I was in the suburbs of detroit lol).

    As matt said, you can use the same programs with each. So they are pretty even.
  9. Congrats man? Is this the same girl you had been dating for all those years? How is your car?
  10. Anyone every Try TunePro RT, I too recently got back into it and decided to order a 1/4 horse since it seems to be the new hot thing but I haven't had much luck with it. Main goal for me is to turn off the high speed fan since i now only have a single speed fan, and adjust my speedometer to be more accurate then it is since i have 3.73s.

    Would love to remove the timing drop between shifts, but it's secondary to getting the Fan settings fixed.
  11. I am a super noob when it comes to tuning , well at least the do it yourself stuff. I need to read up on it more, and on tunes in general and become more familiar. Me and my boy with a 408 was talking the other nite about which way we are going to go. Hell if we both get the quarterhorse we might as well get it together but we both would need someone to show us the ropes. Tune our car and show us how things work. Have to hopefully find someone in SC or find a friend somewhere not too far and drive up to him