tell me what this rim is... pleaz!!!

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  1. the rims came on my car and the seller said they were "super coupe rims".
    i cant find a spare or a centercap for these.
    can anyone tell me what they really are off of? ive tried looking, cant find anything.
    thanks alot!

    (btw, hello to all. been checking things out on this site. seems great, and this is my project)

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  2. They look like Saleen rims but they're 4 lug. :scratch:


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  3. They look like older Enkei wheels to me. :shrug:
  4. I think I saw a similar debate about the same wheels on VWVortex. I think they're BBK rims, but I can't remember.
  5. BBK or BBS?
  6. You guys are thinking way too fancy

    Lincoln Mark 7 rims


  7. We have a Winner!!:nice:
  8. MarkVii's I haven't seen what of those rollin around town in years. I liked those cars too.
  9. we have a few in town here, but they're about done in.

    I like the one that was over at corral. dude says it was an SVO prototype. I dont know if that was true or not, but it was bad ass.
  10. A guy here in my town has 3 or maybe 4 of those cars, they all run and drive.
  11. AWESOME!!! thank you very much.
  12. Also used them on mid 90's Crown Vic's - thats the first thing I thought of when I saw them on that vert. I guess that answers the question of whether or not Crown Vic wheels will fit - it was brought up in another mesh wheel thread recently.


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  13. Yup, same wheel just different center caps


    They look damn good on your car BTW. I wouldn't change a thing!

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  14. There's a mark VII chillen in a parking lot in the next town over. At one point it was probably sick, has full exhaust, tubular GT40 Intake, 24 lb injectors, big mass air, and Polished 96 Cobra wheels. I wanted to get one and do a five speed swap in it and do it up but then I got sucked into just gettin a mustang.
  15. If i could do it all over again...i would have kept my '93 Lincoln Mark 8 and made it badass. ;)

    Everyone has a Mustang. Nobody has a 4000 pound 2-door lincoln with a Cobra engine in it :)

    Part of me wants to buy another one :(


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  16. Yup..Looks like lincoln or Croqwn Vic rims... I believe these were made by BBS though if Im not mistaken.... I love old school mesh wheels....
  17. My brother and I pulled a 91 fox out of the junkyard that had those same wheels on it. Except the car was green back then and the rims were gold in the center. That must have been popular back in the day.
  18. Mesh wheels were really hot back in the 80's. Used to see alot of Mustangs with Mesh, Hammer Comps, and Ronal rims. There was nowhere near the selection there is today.
  19. The 93 looks like that too?

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