tell me what this rim is... pleaz!!!

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  1. Wait - the OP

    Why would someone do a 5 lug swap and put those rims on the car? i'd put something else on maybe :shrug:

  2. No that's a 97-98 Mark 8

    It would be the one I buy. Has all the best Mark 8 features and can be had pretty cheaply. If i come across a cheap clean one, i may buy it. It's like a big ass classy Mustang. :)

  3. With the availability of them, why not? If you're like me and you love the mesh style rims, they could well be a super cheap option that'll look just as good as the ARE's once painted. If i could get'em in 17'' i'd probably be doing the same.
  4. i actually really like those mesh rims on a fox body. looks simple and clean but not boring.
  5. The Mark VII wheels were originally made by BBS for Ford. They're a different offset than the Crown Vic/Grand Marquis wheels which actually sit farther out.
  6. Would it really take that much longer to spell "please" correctly?