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  1. Hi everyone! I finally took some pics of the car. Tell me what you think and what I should do next? I have no performance mods, yet. Had the car since 05. It is an 03 Automatic Mach 1. Just started putting some visuals on it as you can see. Smoked tail light and head light covers & the rear window louvers. mach3ns2.jpg Well, feedback is appreciated! Thanks. mach1wz4.jpg mach2bv1.jpg mach4ck7.jpg

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  2. I think it looks really good so far :nice: . If nothing else, give it an attitude adjustment with a midpipe and Catback :drool:
  3. cat back and lower it.
  4. Looks Great

    Suggested Mods:

    What they ^^^^ said +
    PHP Intake Spacer
    4.10 Rear Gears
    Flash Tuner
  5. Lower it, and get some taller wheels.:)

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  6. Looks good! My only suggestion would be to blacken out the MUSTANG on your back bumper. I think that would look really good with your black taillights.
  7. Looks good! Very clean.