Temp gauge running on colder side then going up to normal.


Aug 23, 2020
Sayre pa
Hi everyone I have had a few posts on here with good feed back so thanks! My temp gauge on my 2002 mustang has been staying pretty c I'll ld lately.Not all the way down but definitely cold.It goes from cold to normal but has never went hot .It seems to do this on and off through out the day for last couple of weeks .Not everyday but quite a bit.I was thinking thermostat but not sure.Tons of things it could be.maybe a cooling sensor.I have a lot of money in this car so I want to catch a problem before it bites me in the **!!#.It is not supercharged.Yet!
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Jul 19, 2015
Easy way to tell, take the thermostat off and drop it into a pot of water that's at the temp it should open I think it's 195 degrees, if it doesn't open or it stays open once you take it out then you need to replace it. Like they say when you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras so go for the easiest and most likely problem and go from there. I would also burp your system and make sure the coolant is leveled off and check the temp index on it.