Electrical Temp Sensor Doesnt Work

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BradleyMustang3, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. hey guys i changed the temp sensor on my mustang and the damn thing still doesnt work my temp gague in the car never moves(hasnt since i bought the car) any ideas? i was thinking maybe a short in the clip? i dont really know. any ideas? thanks guys
  2. Which Temp Sensor??? The gauge one is controlled by a 1 wire sensor on the front drivers side of the lower intake. The temp sensor that the computer reads is on the passenger side lower intake screwed into the steel pipe. If the both are working you may want to see if someone removed your thermostat.
  3. i see. is it the same for the 89-93 5.0? i assume it would i only ask because my motor is a 89-93
  4. To be safe till you cross-ref' the part numbers, use a sensor for a '95 (since it's the 95's gauge that's interpolating the reading).

    If you want, install a 10-20 Ohm resistor in-series in the sender wire. Have someone watch the gauge (key on) while quickly grounding the sending unit wire for the gauge (again, the gauge sender only has one wire and is on the driver's side of the intake). The gauge should move towards hot as it's grounded. Don't hold it there long - just enough to see if the gauge moves towards Hot.
  5. Be VERY careful when you install the temp sending unit. a hair to much torque was all it took to crack my poort stock lower intake with 189k on her. I guess it was pretty brittle. Luckily I had an explorer intake to put on :)