Tensioner brands............questions

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  1. I remember the last time I changed out my belt tensioner it seemed to help for a few months then it started bottoming out again and making that chatter noise. When I had my suspension work done last week the guy told me that its probably better to go with a better brand name tensioner because some of the brands the parts store sells arent that good. Just wondering what have you guys heard in regards to this and your experiences.
    It was a dayco brand from advance the last one , or matter of fact the last 2 I bought.
  2. Are you certain it isn't a belt issue, like maybe it's too long? The only issue I ever had was with the bearing.
  3. I think a few months after getting that tensioner it started chattering again. I might just try a shorter belt and see if that helps.

    I guess a half inch shorter to start with
  4. Usually it chatters when the belt stretches and it starts hitting the stop. I'm running a Dayco, which is the company that made the original. That's not to say the Dayco you buy at the parts store is the same as the Dayco that came with the car. I actually had to notch the stop on my tensioner to get it to stop chattering.

  5. yeah i was thinking of just trying a shorter belt but don't want to force a shorter belt on if it's gona be too tight so i guess I will try and do at the part store and see how it does and if it will go on there.

    notch the stop so it wouldnt hit at all? Would that be good if the belt did stretch and you needed to be alerted? I guess that's why every once in awhile you inspect your car anyway though lol.
  6. I think I also changed the diameter of the pulley on the idler as well at one point. I just got caught in a situation where the belt length I needed wasn't available.

  7. I know how the belt supposed to feel when its the proper belt but whats the rule of thumb on just how tight it can be it it's too tight? I 'm asking in case i get a half inch shorter one and get it on, but sort of fight a little to get it on the last pulley

    how far is where u are from Augusta? I got up once a month for reserves
  8. I'm all the way on the northwest side of Atlanta, so quite a ways. The belt tensioner should automatically set the tension on the belt. So as long as you can get it on with relative ease, you should be fine.

  9. yeah im gona try that this wknd