Terminator vs. LS2 GTO

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  1. Okay- yall remember my new job? Decided I'd prefer one of the two vehicles in the title instead of just supercharging my car and buying a track 12 sec Miata.

    So- what do you guys think?

    LS2 6.0l 05/06 GTO

    Supercharged 4.6l 03/04 Cobra

    Neither will remain stock. I want something kind of nice, I know my car is a pos- but I'd take more care of the Cobra. The GTO has much more room to grow. I am leaning towards the GTO right now. NTM- cheaper and newer. Discuss.
  2. Basically- I'll either end up w/ a low 13 sec V6 Mustang and a 12 sec fully build Miata... or a GTO ... or a Cobra.

    I'll be happy.
  3. I don't like the new GTOs -- two door grand am... belgh. If you want an LS engine, hunt down a Trans Am.

    Terminators are cool, but I wish Ford would step up the displacement of their specialty vehicles. Hell, GM is using old school block design with badass heads. I'd like to see 32v 351s with 4-bolt main caps going into the new Cobras.

    But yeah, I'd still go with a Cobra over a GTO.
  4. I like the GTO because:
    Interior is far nicer- seats, guages, radio, electronics in general, not to mention the bigger interior
    The engine: I admit, I am no engine genious- but i do know that the Cobras come supercharged w/ forged internals whereas the GTO comes NA w/ all non-forged internals. Stock for stock- the GTO has 10 more hp. So... after i forge internals and supercharge it- what will the outcome be...basically- the gto has more room for improvement. Head+Cam on the GTO= 500+whp.
    The only thing the Cobra has going for it is- Looks by far- attention it grabs (good or bad? either)- Just plain musclecar ness???

    The thing is- i have yet to drive either car- that will hopefully be the decider.

    But the thing that kills me is the whole- Cobra engine already being built, granted, you can still get much more out of it- but you can also get a whole lot more out of the LS2. Oh yeah- insurance.
  5. I'd take either/or, but leaning toward the Cobra. It looks better, in my opinion. On the other hand, the GTO has the bigger engine, and there's no replacement for dislplacement. (Size matters!) That's why I hope there is a 5.0 or 5.4 for the Mustang GT in our future soon. Anyway, I'd go with the Cobra. The GTO is just too bland for me, it looks like a Cavalier or Grand Am on steroids.
  6. Hands Down - Cobra. My next mustang will either be a GT or a Cobra. Although..I woudn't mind a Mach 1, but it has to be blue.
  7. Nobody has any detailed reasons like mine? or against mine?
  8. I would assume the GTO is a lot more money since you're comparing it to a '03-'04 Cobra, so right off the bat, the Cobra will be cheaper. Score one for the Cobra. The GTO is newer and probably has a warranty on it. Score one for the GTO. The GTO is better car in virtually every sense of the word. Score another one for the GTO. The Cobra is a hot looking car and has got literally TONS of aftermarket. Score another for the Cobra.
    You can keep going back and fourth on this but IMO, you're comparing very different cars. For the money, the Cobra's probably the best choice, but if it's an overall package you want, I think the GTO's just a better car.
  9. I didn't need many details when I decided to buy my first Mustang. It's reputation spoke for itself.
  10. Oh, I forgot to mention that the GTO has got comparable performance to the Cobra with NO POWER ADDERS. Ya gotta love cubic inches!
  11. GTO is cheaper and will probaly be less abused. Its really hard to find a Cobra that hasn't been beat on. LS2>4.6 32V
  12. GTO cheaper than a Cobra?! Is this true?
  13. POWER

    thats one thing that pisses me off about ford. GM is making all of this power NA. look at the new vette 500+ HP with no boost. and ford just is getting the same power with a superchrged 5.4 its not like ford doesnt have the reources to make big power NA they are just to lazy. they figure hell just put a supercharer on an old motor and call it a day. where as GM actually takes pride in making raw power. dont get me wrong im a diehard mustang man all the way but doesnt change the facts.
  14. Ford needs to scrap the 4.6/5.4 line of engines. They are respectable, but like BK said, GM is making insane power naturally aspirated. Ford needs to have a ~5.8L engine as a base for their specialty vehicles. (a 5.4 is basically a stroked 4.6 so its almost at its limit)

    I would steer away from the GTO solely for aesthetic purposes. It looks too generic and looks more like a tuner car to me. I know the interiors are good and the LS line of engines are just unbelievable. A friend of mine traded in his GTO for a 2002 Z28 or SS or something like that. He felt the GTO wasn't much of a sports car. My dad has a Firebird and I love it -- that's why I said I'd go with a Trans Am if I wanted the LS engine. And a fairly low mileage Trans Am could fall in your price range.

  15. Yeah my bro just got an 04 GTO for $20K, he was also looking at 03-04 Cobras all of them were $23K+

    GTO has better:
    and the paint is nicer than any mustang I've seen with factory paint
  16. So, the GTO has a few more HP N/A? I'm not much of a follower of the GTO, so I don't know much about them. The cobra however, I can tell you a little about.

    First, if the GTO is making 400hp N/A, the cobra can be pulled to over 500 with the simple addition of a pulley and porting the blower. This can be done for under $750. Try pulling another 100hp out of the GTO for $750.

    Second, the cobra parts are everywhere. I'm sure you can get parts for the GTO, but chances are they're gonna be a little harder to come by. Until you go for a full race car, you should never need cams or heads for the cobra. The GTO, well, those are one of the first mods I guess.

    Third, hell, a cobra just looks plain cool. The GTO, like others have said here, looks like a riced out Grand Am. Just put a huge aluminum wing and a coffee can muffler on it and call it a Honda.

    You mentioned you hadn't gotten to drive either car yet. Well, drive up to Ohio and you can take my 03 cobra (465hp 455 lb ft tq) and drive it like you stole it. You may get to test drive one off a lot, but the salesman is going to be riding along and watching every move you make. With mine, you can drive it like you own it and not have to worry about being asked to pay for the tires you roasted off when you get done. Hell, if I ain't hurt it yet, I doubt you will either.

    Drive a supercharged cobra and then drive a N/A GTO and I'm pretty sure you'll go with the cobra. Just something about the blower whine and the corners of your mouth being stuck to your ear lobes... Good luck either way.
  17. All of you have good points, and yes the 04 GTO (5.7 LS1 FTL) is actually way cheaper than a Cobra, so are the 05+ GTO (6.0l LS2 FTW) GTOs. I personally hate the way TAs and Camaros look. I don't actually like the GTO that much, it's just, that it is so much nicer. And FARRRR FAAAR from rice. The LS2 engine, you know the same one that is in the C6 Vettes... it has aftermarket, trust me. And yes- the 100 hp out of the GTO is just as easy, with less engine strain than increasing boost on the Term. If I'm not mistaken, no Camaros or TAs came w/ the LS2 (6l 400hp/tq). And to be perfectly honest, for one who has driven quite a few NA and FI cars, ntm I do enjoy Auto-X, NA power is > than FI power. And like i said, neither will remain stock. If I do get a new car- I will either have a KB Cobra by my JR year in college that I paid for, or a 7/800 HP fully built GTO by my JR year in college, so either way there... I'll be happy.

    Hope i actually pull through with this one. But like i said, if i don't.. i have enough for a 7psi procharger right now...

    I figured I'd throw this in for fun,

    Look at my damn car, I'll make the GTO look damn good- trust me.
  18. Actually, I'd probably leave both stock looking; except for full suspensions of course, maybe a brake upgrade on top of that.
  19. Drive both, unless you're biased one way or another, you'll like the GTO much better. It's just a more comfortable car to drive. If you're looking for "subjective" input, I like the Cobra's looks better but I like the way the GTO drives better. And as far as getting power out of an LS2, you gotta know it's REAL easy.
  20. Thanks katshot- good answer.