Terminator vs. LS2 GTO

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  1. I wasn't necessarily calling GTO rice. It looks more like a compact car than a sports car is all. And yes, no Trans Am or Camaros had the LS2 engine. The LS2 came into the picture after both cars' production was stopped. Alot of LS1 owners are putting in LS2 kits. Undoubtedly, the GTO will be the better drive. It just doesn't look nearly sporty/aerodynamic enough for my tastes. ;-) But I haven't liked Pontiacs Grand series body style, and that's what the GTO is with a nice power plant =D
  2. It's all good man, I understand the whole not liking usual Pontiacs thing. But they are bigger than our Mustangs. I really just need to drive both. I have sat in a 5.7l and damn, just cranking it up, with the torque roll of the car, was an adrenaline getter.
  3. Haha yeah. They're nice. I've rode in a few 383 TAs. Nice stuff. A Vette on nitrous is a fun ride too. ;)
  4. I think i would have to say GTO if i were you. I, too, haven't driven either of the cars, but the interior on the GTO really nice. Also, if they are at the same power level stock, and one is already supercharged, think of the potential level of the GTO with a turbo or procharger on it. Other than exterior looks, the GTO has almost everything going for it over the terminator.
  5. Well you already have a mustang, might aswell get a GTO and have two completely different cars

    In what way do you mean the GTO has room to grow? it's on last stand of production due to failing sales so you can't look for more aftermarket parts comming out except for the engine
  6. Sorry, but if you see this in your mirror (like I did yesterday), they look pretty tough.
  7. Nobody else got this?:shrug:

    The LS2 has a 10.9:1 compression ratio. A power adder will only increase this already high compression. Therefore to get a power adder to work efficiently and smoothly enough to be streetable, you have to lower the stock compression ratio. You can do this by using thicker head gaskets, and replacing the stock flat-top pistons with dished pistons. But the bottom line is, you are killing horsepower. Just to bolt a Supercharger on the GTO, you must first drop the hp from the stock 400hp.
    So basically, it's not as much room for improvement as you think it is. You'll be moving backwards before you move forward.

    Plus, replacing internals and adding a supercharger?!! Why don't you just build a 5.4/T56 setup for your car and make your own Cobra R? It would probably be just as outrageous as tearing down a practically new engine.
  8. Ford modular engines are making respectable power. The draw back to a 5.4 is that it's an already stroked out 4.6. However, with an LS2 you can still stroke it out and still potentially be able to beat on some modded Terminators. If I was looking for a car just in terms of power and power potential, I would go GTO hands down. The 4v heads on the Terminators are awesome. Don't get me wrong. Ford just put them on the wrong block. Now if it was a 5.4L engine that could still be stroked out to to 6.7L (5.7 to 7.0), it'd be a completely different story.
  9. LOL...you're talking about tearing an engine apart and replacing the internals vs. a pully change.:rlaugh:
  10. LOL.... you're talking about an engine swap AND transmission swap vs. stroking an engine. :rlaugh:
  11. That was the point...Both are super ridiculous to do on a new(ish) car.;)

    Get it now?:D

    Why would somebody stroke an engine, when they can just change a pulley? I also just pointed out that there's more work to adding a supercharger to a GTO than simply bolting one on, changing injectors, and tuning it; you have to tear the engine down.
    If you're gonna do that work, why not build your own Cobra R? Or why not buy a '94 GT, and drop a 408 stroker in it?
    My point is that the GTO is far from the most economical choice, especially if you're planning big mods.
    It's a no-brainer to go with the Cobra and save your money. I've also noticed the '03/'04 Roush Stage III's are becoming more affordable.:nice:
  12. Yeah. I'm partial to starting with a larger displacement engine in terms of modifying. :)
  13. Go with the Cobra just for the simple fact that their is way more aftermarket parts to build it up. To the person who doubts the potential of the supercharged 5.4 they have never seen the write up over the v6 to 5.4 swat in HOT Rod magazine. With just a simple pulley swap it gained a safe 200 hp.
  14. Would you prefer the GTO's IRS suspension over the cobra's axle? :shrug:

    BTW. Stock for Stock in 1/4 mile... the 03/04 cobra won every time (at least the ones I seen up here at IRP).
  15. Terminator Cobras had IRS too...but we all knew that, right??:nice:
  16. Now.. i was under the impression that was only on the 99 models... :scratch:

    Guess we didn't ALL know that :rolleyes:

    Alright.. just checked.. yea IRS on the terminators too.. dang. Please disregard my last coments.. I have been zero helpt to this thread.. hahaha
  17. yeah but what's strange is a lot of guys will yank out the IRS on their Terminator Cobras and replace it with solid axles.. I have seen articles in 5.0 Mustang magazine on how to do just that. I guess it's better for highly modified, high power drag racers with a solid axle. So, I'll let you off as only half wrong. See, now wasn't that nice of me??:D

    BTW, :OT: now that Seattle has all their injuries over with, (hopefully), you can tell your Colts that they're going DOWN!! :fuss: :uzi:
  18. Half wrong... I'll take that.

    Yea... you just keep dream'n man. I could personally deliver that message to Manning if you would like... I see him at least 3 times a month in person. As long as he doesn't have the "kill the messengar" mentality. :rolleyes:
  19. I'd take an IRS any day. Whenever I've been able to find reasonably priced unit, I'm short on the green stuff. =\

    Cool. I still think a 331 pre-stroke would be a better base. Quad cams are sweet. Now slap it on a big displacement engine.