Terrible Communication From Dealership, What's The Last Day To Order A '14?

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  1. Last night I built a new GT Premium on Ford's site, then decided to subject myself to the inevitable dealership harassment by requesting a quote.

    I put a note on the quote asking for a purchase quote for 60 or 72 months, meaning what I really wanted was a price and interest rates for those two terms.

    I built:

    GT Premium
    Sterling Gray with black/cashmere
    Comfort Package
    Shaker Pro

    Comes out to $41,025 (ouch...).

    I got a reply with the "closest optioned car" available, which was basically similar and price and nothing more. For pricing uses, that's fine. He gave me a dealership discount price of $38,612, but then proceeded to give me lease quotes.

    So I just said fine whatever, they missed that I wanted purchase quotes/interest rates, but that's fine.

    So I emailed back asking one simple question, "Thanks for the quote, what is the last day that a 2014 can be factory ordered?"

    The reply I got:

    "No, balance wont' be due until December / january time frame,... We can place an order any time"

    wat da fuq? He answered a question nobody asked and completely failed to answer the question I did ask, I couldn't have made it more clear.

    So given that I was given lease quotes instead of purchase quotes and can't get a simple question answered, this dealer is clearly out of the running for a sale and I'm not going to bother trying to ask the question again, so I'll just ask here -- what is the last day I can walk into a dealership and do a factory order on a new 2014?
  2. Where are you located. I work at Chino Hills Ford in Southern California.

    Its still 2014, you shouldn't have trouble ordering one. About a month ago we stopped ordering the 2013 Raptor because its now the 2014 Raptor.
  3. Should be fairly soon. They cut off last year in late Oct or early November. Ordered with my dealer on Nov 8 and the order got booted but I didn't get a notification for a couple of weeks. Reordered as a 14 in January.
  4. Hi puma1552,

    Your dealer is correct. The “balance out” usually happens at the end of the year (January/December), so they can place an order for you at any time. There is no set date right now, so they can only give you a guesstimate.

    Let me know when you place your order. I’ll be happy to track it for you.

  5. I still have no idea what this means, are you saying the last day to order will be sometime undetermined date in December or January?

    To the other guy above, I'm in MN.
  6. That's correct, puma1552! You can stay in touch with your dealer for future info on cut-off dates.