Brakes Test And Rebuild Pbr Calipers

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  1. My PBR calipers have been sitting around long enough that I worry they may leak when I get them on the car. 1. How do I test for leaks before they get on the car? 2. What hoses do I get to put them on a 91, and 3. Can they be easily honed and rebuilt like a set of drum wheel cylinders? Or are they only hood for a core charge? I have sold rebuild kits for calipers, but have never rebuilt calipers beyond new pads.
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  2. Those particular PBR's are prone to having the pistons freeze in the bores. IIRC they are phenolic material.

    You are gonna want to use 99-04 Mustang brake lines, or SS brake lines designed for an SN95 caliper. You will need an adapter for the passenger brake line (weather head 7828 IIRC)
  3. They are rebuildable but frankly unless a few bucks is going to force you into bankruptcy it's easier to just buy remans. And yes you'll need an adapter fitting for the passenger side, and if you can't find Weatherhead 7828 then Edelmann 258430 and Dorman 327828 all do the same thing.
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  4. I rebuilt mine. Not worth it. Swap them at the parts store.

  5. Thanks for the fitting numbers!

    Also thanks for the rebuild advice. Looking at the kits, I always figured a rebuilt caliper was a good deal. If the cslipers seem stuck, NAPA or Carquest it is. I do drum cylinders so I know the parts are fresh, not the one rebuilt 20 years ago and rusting on the shelf since.
    I think a actual part by part list would help for this swap. I just have something in my head that says "you don't monkey around with the brakes."