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  1. I use soap and shampoo when it's shower time. I don't sing because I'm not a singer. Chip Foose draws well. I miss my "Roos" because I would try to fit quarters in them and it was extremely difficult. Most of you probably don't know nothin' about some roos. Velcro FTW!
  2. C16 smells good!

    BTW i only owe 600 more on my engine build:)

    should i buy a P51 intake too????
  3. this thread still aint closed
  4. Good eye chief :nice:

  5. Yes, :shrug: .

    On a side note.


  6. Anybody notice the two people in the backround by the volly ball net?
  7. Or the two people way in the background on the beach?
  8. See! I keep saying hot chicks in thongs LOVE SN-95s:D Lets see who calls BS on that:nonono:

    Good job Flyboy! How you loving your new Stang? I am soooooo jealous, I want one too.:(
  9. I absolutely love it. I'm falling in love with her faster than i fell in love with my 04. Even my buddy, (drives a 600 hp 95 GT, with a blown 408), is starting to switch his opinion on the S-197s. During my decision process between terminator and 05, he was adamant about the cobra, but now i think he's starting to think i got the right one.
  10. Its more important that YOU think you made the right decision. Kudos buddy :nice:
  11. Welcome to StangNet, for the 1813th time probably. :)