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  1. i have an auto '96 GT with a K&N and Flowmasters. my friend has a cam'd, 402ci SLP LS1 in his 'o2 SS with full exhaust, a built auto and 4k stall with a 100 shot on top sitting on MT DR's

    think i can take him? i'll be running on street tires
  2. Oh yea you got him. The MT drag raidals dont have any water grooves, so they are like bald tires....and we all know bald tires dont hook. So you will kill him off the line if you have any tread left.
    And then you will keep pulling away on the topend. We have a SOHC designed engine, that gives more topend power over OHV motors like the LS1. And dont worry about the extra cubic inches he has....all that does is add lowend torque but kills topend power due to rotational mass.

    This camaro guy is a retard, he has tons of lowend torque with bald tires. Make sure to race him for money and win yourself some cash :nice:
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  12. ever take off in 2nd gear?
  13. Nope, just third. But I will seriously start trying second now! I never thought you could. Only first or third.

    BTW, does anybody here know why my paint gets wet when it rains? That's baffled my mind for years. It slows me down when I race Civics. :mad:
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