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  1. Hey, I have a 96 gt with like a 6 inch gap between the front tires and the fender.

    Do you guys think my car was lifted by the previous owner?

    It looks like it could climb a mountain fairly well:flag:
  2. I got my car stuck in the sand on the beach this weekend. Just thought y'all would like to know that.
  3. NOOO this is turning into them threads that the 5.0 guys start that last over 19 pages lol
  4. in before the lock!! :lock:

    doh! no post count!
  5. Just posted over there, its 835 pages long now:bang:
  6. Nooooo.

    Anyone under this post likes cameros.
  7. wtf is a "camero"?
  8. I think by "camero" they meant mustangs :Word:
  9. I'm tryin to squeeze extra hp out of a dyno run, you think if I put a bigger wing, the downforce would be greater, leading to more traction to the dyno, thus, increasing horsepower? It's an awfully big fan in front of the car, must be killing my torque....any other suggestions?
  10. Put some asian lettering all over the car, its good for at least 10 rwhp.
  11. yellow stickers are = 5 rwhp ea
  12. Slap a second tier on that **** = double the downforce :nice:
  13. adding the "boobs" modification might get you more power. a guy might get you a supercharger which increases power secondarily.
  14. i have 01 GT auto, 4.6L, rotary engine. can i use synthetic oil with it?
  15. Only if you post those boobie pics then yes, you can. But it only works if you have the vortex generator in the intake, as well as the whistle in the exhaust that makes the turbo sound.
  16. Only, royal purple, as it is grape flavored and can double as massage oil.
  17. i dunno, is it Type R?
  18. It's powered by VTEC so I guess I cant use synthetic oil.
  19. it will if you buy a canueter valve, its kinda like, well, a pocket sized supercharger...they go for like 12 bucks, talk about bang for buck!