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  1. I think im gonna buy a "Tornado" intake du-hicky. Thoes supercharge any car for $39.95 or sumpin. It should give me like 150 more hp right?
  2. so i want my 4.6 to sound like a ferrari.

    any info would be great.

  3. On Pimp my Ride they did a van with this huge speaker box mounted under it that hooked to this box that played the sound of a Ferrari V-12:rlaugh: It even hooked to the TPS so it would rev with your throttle input:nonono:
    Dumbest thing I ever saw, mabey I will get one:rolleyes:
  4. actually about a year and a half ago (good god, maybe even longer) this idea was brought up in one of the threads....

    one of the classic threads of SN
  5. Red Sox beating the Indians 10-3 :nice:
  6. Me car iz bluu :)
  7. myne iz pink:(
  8. How the hell is it spelled. Camero, Camaro. What the hell is a camaro anyway. Is it the lower part of a mullet.
  9. Yep, lower part. Typically accompanied by an IROC ...

    BTW, did anyone else notice that stangnet is a place to discuss cars? I think I might have to start taking more naps. I watched tv yesterday until it exploded. I'm a bandit, NEMESIS!!!!!!!!! :eek:

    Has anyone here got their A+ certification?? (really wondering) ..
  10. I have my MCSE/Security, 3Com NBX VoIP and should have the CCNP and 3Com VCX certs in 6 months or so..

  11. that been known to have a double edge effect in our cars
  12. you like to have sex with your car?
  13. You don't?
  14. i agree with this statement
  15. just got some:D
  16. :)
  17. You still sore?

  18. i'm sure your 7 megapixels hurt your gf ;)
  19. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!! when i opened this thread it sent my head for a spin lol there are so many topics going on it confused the crap outta me lol.