Test- Dont open

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  1. so there is this plane and it's on a conveyor belt......will it take off? :lol:
  2. Gosh, you opened it when it said "don't open" Everybody else thought it was funny.
  3. Of course it will.
  4. halo360films????
  5. halo 3 kicks ass!!!

    if anyone has online look me up next time you get on

    gamer tag : Mongoose 46
  6. Chuck Norris FTW!
  7. i just ordered MM LCA's and SFC's
  8. Of course it will..
  9. congratulations ;)
  10. So apparently gas is flammable? Who woulda thunk it :shrug:
  11. *DO NOT TRY THIS* (disclaimer)

    If you take a small container like a cup that won't melt and put gas in it, then drop a lit cigarette into it, it won't blow up. It has to spark/flame to catch the gas on fire. Don't ask me how I know this. :D
  12. Good thing this is not a Camaro or Import forum. You would either have 30 mullets or 30 saggy pants blowing themselves up. :nono:
  13. sex?:shrug:
  14. only if you take me to dinner and a movie:eek:
  15. i'd f#ck my car if i could :)
  16. i'll film both of you.
  17. :Damnit: , they need a " this post is worthless with out pictures".
  18. you could drop a lit match or a live sparkplug in the cup and it wouldn't blow up. The fuel isn't what blowings up, it's the fumes. AKA gas mixed w/ air. This is why empty gas tanks explode and full ones catch on fire
  19. oh man i hope you're a chick:(