Test- Dont open

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  1. I was thinking this too .. haha
  2. Wow! My most successful post ever was a test to see if my pic was working. Anyway thanks for the welcome and the flame.
  3. ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! did i hear flame?? NOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Judging by the picture in your new avatar, Im glad to see some of
    your hair is starting to grow back after the fire.:rlaugh:
  5. Oh yeah! That's what this thread is about--howdy! :flag: ;)
  6. How did this thread not get locked? :)
  7. rampant indifference?
  8. Heroes is an awesome show.
  9. i just started watching the 2nd season, never saw the 1st

    G4 is going to start showing the 1st season next month so i'll have a chance to catch up.:nice:

    i like Lost. at first i was kinda wavering on the show then i saw the season finale and i can't wait to see the new season. if you saw the last episode you'll know what i mean
  10. Prison Break is a much better show than Heros!

    anyone knowwhat happened to the new season of Lost??? i hope they didnt cancel it
  11. It probally just got lost :D
  12. I went to the dentist today:Word:
  13. i had a physical and an eye appointment. its been a few years since my last.:notnice:
  14. +1!

    House, Heroes, Law and Order:CI and SVU, Family Guy, and some of what's on Adult Swim for some wins.
  15. i need to do some work
  16. i need some time off work!!:p
  17. how'd that go for ya? :rolleyes:
  18. Ya'll know that Jerimiah was a bullfrog?
  19. Did YOU know that Amos Moses was a Cajun? He lived by his self in a swamp! Hunted alligators for a livin' ... he just knock em' in the head with a stump!