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  1. Ouch, never know who we are talking to now do we.
  2. those boobie pics would be worthless then!!!!
  3. I have nipples, can you milk me???
  4. only during a leap year
  5. *drives to California*
  6. fixt*
  7. :Damnit: I can't go because my car is shredding belts like a 1000 pound midget :(
  8. Can I catch a ride with someone? Anyone going through Colorado on their way out there? I'll pay for gas...

  9. I guess some of you didn't see my thread awhile back of me and my stang :p
  10. Oh, i remember it very well...:D :D I keep a link to it very handy...:nice:

    I think that thread is the reason we're all driving to CA

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  11. I did :drool: . . . .:D

    EDIT: WooooHoooo, Page 7 of a pointless thread :banana:
  12. LOL ;) You guys should meet me at Rick and Ronnies. it's some classic American restaurant with a car show almost every night i think.

    By the way, my car (and perhaps me) are covered in ash from the San Diego wild fires :(
  13. SCORE!!!!!


    My car is covered in ash too :(
  14. My car is covered in ash too :([/QUOTE]

    Ha, I can't believe you went there. Sorry bro for your misfortune but that was a serious carbeque. I hope you get somnething new soon if you haven't already.
  15. I'm going this weekend to test drive a black '05 and a black '06 :nice:
  16. Very nice, I want one of these also, just have too many toys right now. Seems like all I do is spend money on car parts. The lightning has been eating up all my spare cash lately. But you got to love this hobby no matter what the price. Good luck on getting the new stang.:nice:
  17. My car is covered in ass ... there is room for more tho ..
  18. you know, unless Ford makes a DRAMATIC change to the 2010 Mustang (smaller, lighter, faster, nicer) which is doubtful you just might see me in one of these in a few years

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    dark red/black stripes 6spd, possibly convertible. and here's a pic of Olivia Munn, you know, just because

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    and i just got back from California, the fires scared me away so the sex will have to wait, sorry Seph:(
  19. the only way you'll find me driving a camaro is if megan fox comes with it...:drool: :drool:

  20. :eek: where in SD are you? Mine was covered in ash, but today i washed it anyways. And, if tomorrow it's covered in ash again - i'll wash it again. Screw it, UCSD classes were canceled what else is there to do?