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  1. I would but it's a little out of my way. :D
  2. i used to date someone out of the country before lol.

    the funny thing is that I'm not even in San Diego. I'm in Los Angeles, and the ashes reached here about 2 days after the fire started.

  3. What are you getting at?
  4. I'm still not so sure.
  5. The Camaro is alright, still couldn't do it, But if Dodge actually builds the Challenger and it is anything close to the concept, might consider it. Just have to see what Ford does to the next Mustang.
  6. i'm going to Ruby Tuesdays tonight.
  7. I'm calling the ex for some bootae
  8. You won't get any :rlaugh: ;)

    I'm hitting up the 1/8th mile track tonight to get my last 9 second 1/8th mile passes in. Likely be running 9.25s tonight with the weather nice, though will be much better next week :drool:
  9. the Challenger looks to be quite the heavyweight, it may have 425hp but i'm guessing it'll weigh close to 4,000lbs. if the Camaro can keep a slim, lighweight profile that's where my money's going

    both look REAL nice though. the new Mustang better make a drastic change
  10. Yeah, your probably right but I just can't bring myself to buy a bowtie. I just like the look of the challenger, but then again I'm 41 and I always wanted a Challenger back in highschool. When I was in school fastback mustangs, GTO's, Chevelle's and Hemi's were the cars of choice. There weren't any ricers running around just real American muscle cars. I used to love going out the school parking lot a seeing all of the cool hot rods that my friends had, it was a great time. The Challenger just has a really nice nostalgic look to it, which is why I love the new mustang. Look, all the new cars are getting heavier with all the sound deadening and safety requirements. It's just a sign of the times. Everyone wants their cars quiter and more solid feeling. I'll probably never own one, The mustang is in my blood, I just hope that Ford steps up when the design the new mustang and throw some extra ponies under the hood.
  11. I like the new Camaro after seeing Transformers.
  12. transformers :drool: . watched it last night :D
  13. I want an IROC Z, a skullet, bowtie tat on my forehead, and 2 gum ball machines.
  14. A camaro mullet, forgot about those. Anyone sporting one of these?
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  16. Anybody seen a funny comedian/stand up lately? On TV, in person ...
  17. Yeah..... George Bush.
  18. :worthlesb
  19. Ahhhhh, now it makes perfect sense. I think I just steped on my brain:(