Test Drove 99 Stang (with Fix) Car Felt Slow???

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  1. They are the same. Just make sure you get the FRPP gears, not the regular Ford gears or any others for that matter. I would also suggest 4.30s over 4.10s.
  2. Definately picky, and never go out looking for a race. I prefer to keep it at the track. The most I usually do on the street is pass other muscle cars and give them revvs and stuff. I get a lot of muscle cars that like to do the same to me, its all fun and games. On very rare occassions if theres no one around ill give em a quick run from a roll. The last street race I had was a few months ago against a late 90's black trans am ram air 6spd with at LEAST an SLP loudmouth exhaust. At the time all I had was an x-pipe and gears. We were even in 2nd and as soon as I hit 3rd I pulled hard and he soon gave up.

    Surprisingly, ricers don't even approach me. I guess they figure im untouchable, which is right for them 99% of the time. The most they do is try to weave near me and grab my attention like, "hey look at my slow pos! isn't my euro fart can [email protected]!?"..It's almost like they fear me, or they don't want to waste their gas losing. Most of the muscle car guys that revv at me and toy around are cool and will give the thumbs up simply becuase I own a Cobra and they give respect. For the most part I really like Z28's, Trans Ams, old muscle cars, etc so I will shoot one right back at them.

    I am 2-1-0 on the streets (tied a trans am on the highway when I was stock) and am like 7-0-2 at the track. So far the only losses I have had are against an 03 Cobra and Supercharged Forged GT running a Kenne Bell.

    There is a lot of hype built into the Cobra. Most people who don't know anything about cars assume all Cobras are lightning quick. It's a cool reputation to have IMO. I know most people assume my car is very fast, so that gives me a peace of mind in not having to prove anything. Whenever I see someone try to grab my attention, I usually never pay any attention to them, unless its a car worth the effort. :nice:

  3. I know it man , I got a new credit card in the mail the other day , I was gonna be responsible and do some balance transfers from higher interest cards....ya right.......

    I got online with every intenetion of looking up my balances and transfering , I got sidetracked a little.....

    I bought:

    Mac O/R pro chamber
    Flowmaster A/T CB
    Mil eliminators
    Steeda Underdrives
    Autometer Lunar series Tach W/shift light
    Autometer tach adapter
    UPR tach mount
    FRPP 4.10's and install kit
    Dallas Mustang Speed CAL
    WMS CAI - full system with 95MM Pro-M
    Mach 1 Chin Spoiler

    DAMN I blew some bucks......but it was so fun....!!

    :banana: :nice: :flag:

  4. Holy crap thats one hell of a shopping spree. :eek:Where in Florida are you?
  5. I'm in Bradenton , just south of Tampa , Where the heck is Lake Mary?
  6. I have a friend in Spring Hill. Hes not a Mustang guy though.

    Lake Mary is ~20 minutes North of Orlando. Our city is only about 16 years old. Your probably 2 1/2 - 3 hours south of me. I see Cobras up here daily and was hoping you were one of the more local guys.
  7. If you mean imports in general, no offense, but there are a LOT of imports out there that are a LOT quicker than 14-seconds. I'm not trying to be a prick at all, but I'm sure if you raced more, you'd see that there are a ton of imports (not the average body kit Civics) that are quicker than your car.
    I used to go out looking for muscle cars when I had my WRX, because usually the driver thinks you have no chance. I have a few 'Stangs on my kill list (including a modded 5-0 that had a really funny look on his face when it was over, but still revved and gave me a thumbs up), as well as a built Malibu, an SS, two Z28's, a C4 Vette, etc...

    Remember, not all imports are rice.
    This is RICE...

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  8. My 14 second run is a result of my novice launching skills, my trap speed shows more of my cars real potential. On the streets all my races have been from a roll or at least a dig, which negates the 14 second timeslip and allows the race to be more about the car and not the driver.

    And I know all imports are not rice! I used to own a boosted maxima that beat modded z28's. I have respect for well done up imports. I love 300zx TTs, Supras, 350z's, G35's, etc.

    Heres some pictures of my old ride. I got tons of respect from domestic guys and rarely did they bash me.


    With the Vortech blower @10psi it was significantly faster than my Cobra stock, and the build quality and "showmanship" was leaps and bounds ahead of the SVT. I really miss it sometimes :( ; but I love my Cobra too. Different type of car, but the fun factor is there nonetheless.
  9. I forgot about that.
    That's a badass car.

    I still miss my WRX, but I love the Cobra, too. So it's all good.
  10. Thanks. :( It sucks to put soo much work into a car and have it all destroyed. But yea, the Cobra is [email protected]

  11. 96-98's look better!!!!!!!!!! :)
  12. Welcome to the family!

    99-01 Cobras are great NA cars that love to rev! Change those stock gears and get 4.30s!!! I can assure you that my 4th gear pulls harder than your 3rd and I can still pull 170+MPH in the Autobahn over here in Germany :lol: !

    Check out the sig for "to-do-mods".

  13. I had a Zinc 01 Cobra for awhile. I was going to buy a blower. Then I said screw it and bought the beast I have now. Over 450hp and 460tq at the rear wheels :D