Test drove a 05 GT for about 20 miles!

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  1. Well i drove it for about 20 miles........

    2005 GT Silver Premium ..Shaker 1000...Black Leather 5-SPD

    First i want to say that i LOVE this car and i am waiting to get one that I want, not what they have on the lot....O.K... to the review

    Car sounds nice....I have an 04 Mach ....The 05 sounds nice,, a little more rumble than the 04 GT but not as loud as a MACH

    The shifter is nice....short...the clutch is SO light i cant believe it it feels like AIR
    One thing i cannot get over, as i was getting on it a little the tranny LOCKED me out of third!!!!!! Typical T 3650 !!!!

    Handiling is AWESOME!
    Car feels SOLID....in potholes....on turns... it really gives you a sense of posture

    As for the power i am dissapointed
    As i got on it it feels ANEAMIC...
    It DOES not pull like a MACH...So everyone out there STOP comparing this car to a MACH b/c i can tell you this right now a MACH will STOMP it!

    The tranny makes some WEIRD noises as downshifting ...not all the time but when it wants to

    I also heard a strange faint ticking sound in the center part of the engine during acceleration (salesman made out he didnt hear it)

    I love the interior ....Playing with the colors is REALLY cool and different

    The tranny is still a little notchy but not as bad as the previous Stang....I had an 03 GT prior to my Mach and i know how knotchy that tranny is ....

    Overall i LOVE the car and will be keeping my Mach and adding the 05 to the family
    If i still had my 03 GT id trade it in a HEARTBEAT!
    I wouldnt care how upsidedown.....
    But the Mach pulls like a MUTHA So i wouldnt even think of getting rid of it

    To be honest with you guys....the 05 GT doesnt feel underated it feels OVERATED

    I want you guys to go out and drive this car and get on it.....Tell me what YOU think...

    If i was driving a 04 GT everyday this car would feel fast... but i drive my 04 MACH So the 05 GT feels like it doesnt pull the way it should

    Well....Im waiting for my Performance White GT with black stripes and red leather and the Shaker 1000

    Go out and drive this car NOW
  2. How often do you trade cars? You've had an '03, have a Mach and are looking to buy a an '05...

  3. I know.... IM a little obsessive when it comes to MUSTANGS!

    What can i say I LOVE them!
  4. The nice engine in the Mach is definitely the highlight of the car, and the new GT has everything else covered. Be nice if you could have it all in one car, huh? We'll see what SVT brings to the table. Thanks for the report - sounds pretty good!

  5. I cant wait to see a COBRA or a Special Edition Model

    This car has unlimited potential
  6. It's amazing how far Ford was able to take the previous outdated platform when you think about it. I have no doubts whatsoever about the future of this new Mustang!
  7. Does anybody else get the feeling that Ford tricked out the Motor Trend test mule? I mean, if what this guy says is true, then there is no way that a 300hp 05 is within 0.2-0.3 of a 390hp SVT Cobra. I don't care what kind of handling improvements you have none of them will compensate for 90hp given similar weight.
  8. Im telling you the truth.....GO test drive this car YOU will see what i am talking about....This car does not pull the way it should....and let me tell you i GOT in this baby!

    EVERY gear i took to the limit....the salesman was just sittin and grinning!

    There are SO many members RIGHT now who have this car in theyre driveway and they know what i mean!
  9. From what i felt .....if you put a GREAT driver behind the wheel of this car it should be anywhere from a 13.6 - a 14.0
  10. I like the way they made the foglights button this year
    to the left of the steering wheel is where you turn on the lights....turn to the right to put on headlights...PULL the switch towards you and a little light illuminates to indicate the fog lights are on...unusual...BUT NEW! and COOL

    I look for little things like that
  11. Mach271, is your Mach1 stock or have you done any mods to it???
  12. Oh by the way there is NO .. Ill repeat NO trunk release button in the Car!!
    The only way to access the trunk is with the remote!
    What is up with that Ford?

  13. My Mach1 is BONE stock with only 2500 miles on it....it is SHOWROOM condition!
  14. Nice :nice: .
    Did the 05' feel like it lost some steam up top or did it not have the down low punch to it???? I know the Mach1 pulls damn hard all the way to red-line.

  15. It loses its muster up top!
    That is when it feels "EXHAUSTED"
    the mid range is good but up top it gets flat!

    When i went home in my MACH i pulled out of there shifted to 2nd and man was there a difference when i got up to 6K in my MACH

    I have like 15 pictures in my cell phone...i even have the 05 next to my Mach...but i cant send them to my computer to post them....i dont have picture sending in my plan!

    Im telling you this......not comparing this car to a MACH it is AWESOME!
    I LOVE it
    I cant wait to get one!
  16. That's what I guessed.

    Next time take a digital camera with you :nice: .
  17. Maybe the dealer forgot to take the restrictor plate off.
  18. :lol:
  19. You guys have to see how cool it is to change the colors.....1 click and it changes blue...purple...green...red...then you could mix the colors you want and have them saved to a setting called my color....

  20. sorry man

    I can assure you the 05 GT will keep up with the Mach 1. Everyone seems to be forgetting that there is a whole new platfom invovled. The new platform is alot stiffer and therefore the driver cannot feel half of what he would feel in the old fox platform. Therefore, just because it does not feel as fast, does not mean it isn't. I have owned several cars and sure my GT feels faster than my beloved M3, but it isn't. :flag: