Test drove a 05 GT for about 20 miles!

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  1. The '04 GTO is lame. Despite its 350 hp it has terriable wheel hop. The '05 is going to have 400 hp.(the rear tires will probably hop through the quarter panels then) The GTO is acctully a car already made in Austraiula by a company called Holden it used to have a v6. GM justed got lazy and did not design a thing and just used of the shelf parts. It does not look that good either. No offense to any who has one.
  2. I test drove one too

    I test drove a black GT although it's an automatic. Boy this car is fast compare to my 02 gt. The interior is well laid out but not to be confused for a luxury interior. handling is better because it was raining hard earlier in my area and it feels like im on dry road.im not a fan of the wheels. engine sounds great. I'll have to wait for the 5 spd and lower price. The freaking dealer put a mark up of 9 K which is a complete rip-off. if any of you planning to get one wait a lil longer for the prices to go down it's not worth buying a 35K mustang gt thats in the cobra price range.
  3. If you want a fair and equal comparison I say a good driver should be used in both cars, the Mach and the GT. Im leaning towards the GT being the better performer. Plus, we have already discussed this in other threads. It seems that the Mach owners didnt want to believe the GT was better.
  4. Interesting thread, I would guess that all the cars being test driven at the moment have done very low mileages, a few hundred at most? I have always worked in the motor trade in the UK & get a new car (Jeep) every 3 months or so. The new one always feels gutless compared with the (identical) old car until I have racked up at least 2-3000 miles. Let's see how the 05 gets down a 1/4 mile with 5k on the odometer!

  5. Just curious where you got one with Black leather. This is not an option on the '05. Dealer installed?
  6. The dealer up here told me the GT would spank my 01 Cobra. i kinda laughed.

    Anyways his comparision is probably right on the Machs are going to better in straight line performance. i think the 05 GT will outhandle the Machs but not out accelerate them.

    I am going to biased here but i think my 01 Cobra will out do the 05 GT in both
  7. After driving the 05 GT, I must conclude how much improved the chassis is. Miles ahead of the SN-95. I would not buy a 04 Mustang "anything"(Mach/GT/Cobra) over the new one. I'd wait for the next versions.
  8. The new stang might not feel as fast, but it is about equal to the mach. I talked to many of the people involved in the mustang project here in Detroit and they have all said it. The power delivery is much more smooth and refined thanks to the great chassis and motor. Just wait until you see these things at the track (not magazine tests). I'm willing to bet the times will be similar.

    Remember, perceived speed is not equal to actual speed. The smoother the power, the less noticeable the acceleration punch will be.
  9. Dont be a wise guy...We all know that the black leather is Officialy labeled "Dark Charcoal"
  10. I couldnt agree with you more....BUT its not feeling fast that im saying....it DOESNT PULL!

    I dont care how smooth a car how refined a car......you can ALWAYS feel the PULL ALAWAYS!
  11. There really is truth to the fact that with a properly tuned and stiff chassis, the perception of "fast" gets muted a bit. I'll wait to see some timeslips show up here on the new '05's. My stepdad's 2000 6-speed Vette feels sluggish and tame behind the wheel, not nearly as immediate in its accelleration as my friend's '03 Mach (actually, the Vette to me is a yawn to drive, I don't care much for the car..., the C4's were better for their time), but then I drove it to an easy 13.20 @ 109.5 at the track (at his permission ;) ). I would have never guessed. So, let's wait for some timeslips before everybody gets in a knot over which is quicker.
  12. Let me start off my saying I'm pleasently surprised that this thread has some good level headed thoughts and not turned into a huge flamefest.

    So here's my take...

    On paper, the power is close between the 2 but for me the looks, the price, and the relative exclusivity is the reason why I sprung for the Mach back in late '03 instead of waiting for the new Mustangs. Something about the seats, the shaker, stripes and the 4v DOHC V8 really just did it for me. Also the Mach and late Cobras were the best fox Mustangs ever mass produced. Also, I still like the looks of the new edge stangs vs the new retro look of the 05's. Now, I really like the new Mustangs, but my Mach is my baby and I'll be keeping, modding and enjoying her for a long long while.

    That being said, I think the 05 is a sweet car, Ford really hit a homerun with this one. A friend of mine is soon gonna trade his '03 GT in for one which means, I'll be driving and riding in it anytime I want. Most likely picking one up myself, hopefully a Cobra, in about 5 years or so. The power is close enough between the 2 to warrant a comparison but lets be honest, the 05 is all new from the ground up and a much better platfrom to start from right now. Those who want the HP edge just mod your car but remember there's always somebody faster out there. I say forget all these cannibalistic comparisons, go out enjoy your Stangs and go cook some ricers.
  13. Well said
  14. the 05 GT won't pull like a mach 1 stock vs stock simply because the mach has more steem up top. stop comparing power on both cars, one represent the best of the old N/A platform, the other represents the future of a new technology on the bottom end platform, it would be wise to compare the old mach 1 vs a new s197 mach 1 (if any), then it would be fair :D
    the et could be close, (please notice the "could be"), cause we haven't seen any REAL PRODUCTION cars out there on the tracks, i guess people are still waiting for the break in period :).
    and if some of you want to use the 05 gt handles better than the mach 1, yes, it does..., welcome to the future, and thanks ford for finally putting a mustang together that can handle some twisties in stock trim, but i guess (and i would put out the same excuse i use for ricers), i didn't buy a mach 1 to compete in scca solo nationals, or to stomp porsches on the twisties... even thought it handles better than the old GT chassis :)
  15. I took the 05 GT for a test drive yesterday. I have to agree that it felt slow when I jumped on it. It's because of the suspension/chassis, you don't feel as much of the road, but the car runs pretty strong (it is not going to come close to a Cobra... once some stock car 1/4 mile trap speeds are posted it will be obvious). As far as handling... I would prefer a stiffer ride, and less body roll..... it may be an improvement, but this is still a straight line car.

    That said, the quality of the car is definately an improvement over previous years. And of course.. it is sexy as hell. If they had been selling these things last year I would have bought it over my STi just b/c i could get it for about 6k less.
  16. Seems obvious

    After reading all the responses, it seems apparant that those who own a mach1 are bias, and those who like the 05 GT better, the same thing. We can guess and estimate all we want, but until MM&FF has a mach 1/05 GT shootout, we will never know. MT or C&D might get the 5-speed to 0-60 in 4.8 or 4.9 in a future review, BUT MM&FF will most likely get it even lower. So, lets wait and see and then those with Mach's can gloat or vice versa :shrug:
  17. The problem is that the 05 is still a 300hp car!!! It's not going to be running high 4's IMO.
  18. In every one of your threads you seem to be compaining your "MACH" to the O5,...match the base numbers, then compare.
  19. He doesn't want to do that, cause he knows his bad ass mach would lose.
  20. I have an 02 GT with just exhaust mods, the 05 GT really didn't FEEL much faster to me either, and my car is definately no Mach 1.
    The guages are SOOOOOOOOOOOO damn nice though, I love those things. The rest of the interior is nice too.
    I'd consider trading in but I still think the current Mustangs have a nicer looking exterior... especially the rear-end, that's where the 05 falls apart for me.