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  1. Ok...

    Some of the feedback that I'm getting about this forum is that people sometimes lose a thread that they've participated with.

    Instead of explaining a dozen different ways that you can track that with this forum (there are lots), I figured to give this a try and see how you buys like it.

    I've added SN95 and Fox tags that are OPTIONAL. You don't have to select one. It's up to you.

    Also, don't forget. You can watch threads, you can watch other members, and you can review your own post history by going up and clicking on your profile in the upper right hand corner.

    This is just something else to try to see if you like it. I'll take feedback via this thread. This forum is the test for the tags in the General area.
  2. i always fail tests, thanks
  3. Location of this selection?? .....looked around maybe I'm blind :redx:

  4. You'll see it when you create a thread.
  5. Gotcha, .....but before I asked that question I did start a phantom one and looked at every icon, box, ....so i thought I looked everywhere. I'm probably just missing something simple.
  6. Once you hit the 'create new thread' button, you will click on the prefix portion of the title to get a drop-down menu for the tags.

    I know it works because I even tested it with YOUR forum permissions. :p

    general prefix.jpg
  7. Ahhhhhh, ......little grasshopper learn new wax-on, wax-off :D
  8. me likey and it seems to work well, now lose this sticky! :)