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  1. Yep, first time in here - Just expanding my whoring capabilities :D
  2. how bored were you last night JJ?

    testing, 1,2,3
  3. Actually, worked till 4 am with that deployment. I was up testing some pics I made for the forums...

    Now I currently lie in wait till I can use them on folks :jester:
  4. hahahahhaha

    your next task should be doing some video editing! get our shenanigans footage out there
  5. Your not kidding, need to put all the new goodies in the desktop then I will make it happen.
  6. schweet! i cant wait. we'll show stangnet what its about here in so-cal
  7. Do you know if Jason who took some vid of the mountain cruise ever posted it up?
  8. Homos? :shrug: