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  1. I'm new to the site, and thought I would post up some pics
    of my new car. This replaced my 99 Ranger 4x4 that was
    just about as far as I could get it.I could not put my two little girls
    in the ranger. Car seats do not fit on the jump seats, nor would
    I ever attempt to put them in the jump seats. So I got an
    email from a guy who wanted my truck and had what I wanted,
    we ended up trading straight across:

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    The car was actually sold in Canada originally and ended up in San Angelo TX. The guy I got it from works at Late Model Restoration. The car is all original except for a K&N and a flowmaster exhaust. For some reason the previous owner put a GT front valance on, which is cool, I do have the LX front cover too. That's it. It has ac/heat cruise, and the original Ford Tape deck. The interior is absolutely imaculant (sp?) cept for the damn ash tray is fawked up. What fox body isn't.

    I just finished installing new shocks all the way around (came with the car) and I put a H-pipe in...sounds awesome. Next up is a short throw, and some go fast goodies....later is a hood, paint....Thanks for lookin guys!