Texas people......

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  1. just thought that we deserve a nifty state thread too.... who here is from texas??
  2. <<<<< The Mighty Bunghole here is from the Great State of Texas
  3. Dallas here...home of my beloved 6-5-1 STARS...
  4. And the 5-3 soon-to-be Arlington Cowboys
  5. Cow feed,

    Born and bred:D
  6. im from fort worth, lived there my whole life
  7. I'm there right now even as we speak
  8. Not from there but my dad was born and raised in Midland. I visit often and have some land there

    Brewster County - Alpine Tx

    Hudspeth County

    Ward County
  9. Corpus Christi to Houston to DFW now. I keep moving further north every ten years... LOL
  10. Rednecks

    *hides under a rock*
  11. Naw those are in GA, ALA, & ARK
  12. I barely made it, in cutting close by 2 blocks

  13. :stupid:
  14. being a yankee, (i never realized i was until i came to the south) living in the south has been quite an experience for me. i spent a few weeks in San Antonio, and i think its a pretty nice city, as well as dallas. but i also spent some time in wichita falls, and other smaller towns throughout the northeastern part of the state and ive gotta say once you get away from the cities, you can find all sorts of people. that includes rednecks of the ugliest variety, and strippers at clubs that should be condemned.

    its easy to poke fun at a state you've never spent a considerable amount of time in. when i first got to arkansas i hated it. but like most things, just give it time and it will grow on you. (except the damn heat. 90 in november is fuggin BS) yeah ive seen some rednecks that looked like something right out of a jeff foxworthy joke, but ive also seen the same kind in texas, tennessee, oklahoma and even my home state. and let me tell you, there are some beautiful women in the south. the college i go to is full of gorgeous girls. its like eye candy as far as the eyes can see.
  15. LOL, thats a redundant statment there... "NAW those are in GA, ALA and ARK"


  16. Naw yer not a yankee. A yankee is someone who lives in the north.

    Yer a Damn Yankee. Thats a yankee that comes to the south and doesnt go home. :D

    JK .... :)
  17. Born in Sulphur Springs,Tx. Lived in Winnsboro, Tx. Moved to New Mexico. And now Im back in Texas (Lubbock) where I belong. Its good to be home fellas.:banana:
  18. Rednecks are good people, and there's no doubt about where they stand on things.