Texas people......

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  1. having spent 4 years in the service, i got to know a lot of people from a lot of different places. ive got to say in all honesty, texans and californians have a real superoirity complex. not all of them, but most of them that ive met are very full of themselves and their state. californians more so though. then there's the guy from idaho......wierd fella.

    there are good and bads about every state. honestly i'd rather live in arkansas, but i'd rather hangout or spend a weekend in dallas, houston or san antonio than little rock. or memphis (i know, TN).
  2. I've been to Texarkana, USA a lot and the Arkansas side has the Texas side beat hands down. Also had the pleasure of staying in Hope (hometown of Paul Klipsch), Jacksonville, and Blytheville a few times. Good people in all those places.
  3. BTW Hence, thanks again for my new and improved Beavis avatar
  4. ME! Right here in the small town of Bastrop :D . About 30 miles east of Austin. Didnt know there were so many texans...and yea lonestarstangs.com is a good site for us :)
  5. Born n Bred here in Midland Texas :nice:
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  7. Conroe here..............
  8. Just moved to Fort Worth, TX
  9. In the military stationed in San Antonio and absolutely love it!
  10. Krum

    Krum here, next to Denton.
    Small block fan!
  11. Here in san antonio...:nice:
  12. first post here...

    im from SA but work at jennings anderson ford in boerne. just wanted to say hi and i found this thread.

  13. San Benito in Deep South Texas about 20 minutes from teh Texas/ Mexican Border
  14. Far west Texas here, El Paso to be exact. :D
  15. I am from Big Spring, TX. I noticed some people live in Lubbock/Midland, I'm about 45 miles east of Midland and 100 miles south of Lubbock. Texas is awesome.

  16. i grew up in harlingen:nice:

    lived in mission/mcallen for a while, spent a year and a half in houston (spring, near the woodlands) a couple of months near chicago and now i'm here in nv:shrug:

    wish i was back in TX though :(