Texas people......

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  1. Midland, Texas here!!! Anybody close to Midland??????? I would like to get some folks together to go out to the drag strip and hang out!! Please don't make me hang out with the import guys!!!! Their cars sound funny.......... :flag:
  2. Me! Me me me! I'm a Texan! Unfortunately, a corporate relocation put husband and I in Nebraska (which is NO place for a Texan) three years ago, but we'll be coming home in a year or two. I'm from Dallas (Richardson/Plano) and Houston (Spring Branch), and am back in Texas for a week at a time once every six weeks from April through November. I'd go crazy if I couldn't come back home that frequently.
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. From SA here. I live in Ark right now but am trying to get back ASAP
  5. hello from SA
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  7. OMG your roush looks 100x better with those chrome rims! :eek:
  8. Thanks Jeffro. It'll look better with the new hood getting installed Thursday.:nice:

    Glad you're okay BTW, saw the thread on LSS. Sucks balls....:mad:
  9. Killeen TX here

    Roush is looking mighty good. Good to see you. :flag:
  10. Houston area here.
  11. Fairfield here... Not many stangers around here. Pretty much in the middle between Dallas and Houston.
  12. Same to you bro. Thanks!:nice:
  13. Any of you guys know a good hot-rod/custom shop in or around the Austin area?

    I have my project about 90% completed but the correct combination of funding and time is hard to come by. Right now the funding is easy but I have no time. I spoke with the wife and I'm thinking it makes sense to pay to have her finished.

    Anyone recommend a shop?
  14. Long live the lone star state :flag:. Born in Fort Worth live in Lake Jackson pretty much all my life until two years ago when i moved to New Mexico......Boy do i miss those muddy brown waters of the gulf:D
  15. AutoTek is a good place to start.

    Leonard Fehrle's Autotek Inc
    (512) 326-3881
    (512) 441-3087
    4313 Gillis St
    Austin, TX 78745

    Call Aaron Fehrle at 326-3881

    They do excelent work, have a dyno, and magazine coverage. Great guys, top notch. :nice:
  16. Thanks man, still missing my GT though. The Roush looks bad ass with those rims, didn't think you still had it. You need to send Zaino some updated pics man :D.
  17. haha, still have it. It's a weekend car now. We bought a 3rd car so now the Roush is officially retired from daily driver status. There are some updated pics on my cardomain site with the new hood on it. :cool:
  18. I am coming to San Antonio for a week in early June. Does that city still have a drag strip? It will be the first time back in SA for me since I graduated from HS there. And I graduated a long long time ago...