Texas people......

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  1. Im from Hobbs NM :nonono: like 60 min from lubbock. Do you know robert from lubbock-protech. The king of the streets still over there! :nice:
  2. Yeah, I know Robert. They always have some fast rides and they work on mine whenever I get any parts.
  3. Cool man maybe next time me and some of my NM buddies are in lubbock we need to go out and show those dyno queen TSP guys mustangs rule lubbock.
    Roberts putting in my motor right now up there its the black 100th GT.

  4. You wouldn't happen to be there Friday? Trying to think which car it is? There are some many TSP fbodies here that are cammed and as well as vettes too. Only competition are those with 100-125 shot of nitrous with all the bolt ons. And one turbo SS. We're all cool though and love racing. Many people here are modding their rides over winter.

  5. Ya i was there this last friday dropping my car off. Yes there is alot of cammed F bodies but most of them dont like to race for some reason. Ya that turbo SS is pretty sweet is that jasons or zachs i cant rememebr but its badd. At iadalou though he ran like a 13.7 at 120 mph :shrug: stock tranny and rear end so he couldnt launch it hard. But i when he gets it setup its gonna scream. Ya i like lubbock most of the racers seem pretty cool, except the cops suck over there they love to harrass people. So what you doing to the stang this winter im trying to get mine boosted up but its taking alot of time.
  6. Zach's SS ran a 12.7 @ 121 mph. 370cu.in, 8.5:1 compression, cam, exhaust, etc., STS 70mm rear mount turbo with 10# spring, rebuilt tranny, probably pushing mid 500rwhp. It's crazy from a roll though:eek:

    I remember seeing someone there at the shop Friday I have not seen with a black gt parked outside.

    Nothing this winter on the cobra. Just trying to get my 89'running right to use as the daily driver. Having some electrical issues. But in the spring, I plan on modding the cobra some more and hoping for high 10s here in Idalou. I have someone that wants to swap his solid rear and catback for my IRS and catback. Can't wait to launch off the rev limiter at the line:D
  7. born and raised in el paso tx
    went to college in waco, tx
    first job took me to irving
    currently im in irving, and in 6 months moving to keller tx!
  8. I'm looking into starting an Orange County area Mustang club. If anyone is interested, please pm me.

  9. i live just south of keller, i like it here and wouldnt want to move

    also dfwstangs.net is good for us locals
  10. GSP393,
    We have a Mustang club in the Beaumont area. We are called the Wild Horse Mustang Club. We are not a message board club, but an actual club with monthly meetings and activities. We have members from Orange, Vidor, Beaumont, Port Neches, Lumberton, etc... We are based in Lumberton.

  11. I've heard of this club and wouldn't mind joining, I just don't feel like driving to Lumberton to have meets and I don't want to go for long distance cruises.
  12. OK. No big deal. We usually have our meetings in Beaumont, Mid-County, or even Orange. We occasionally have our meeting at Tuffy's or the meat market (don't remember the name of the restaurant). Although, our meeting this month is in Lumberton on the 11th. They are always on the first Thursday of the month except for this month.
  13. Ok, I might check it out, I just got back to Texas today.