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  1. So it looks like my TFI module is doing the common car gets hot etc in traffic and wants to die. It's done it 3 times in 3 months, with all the same characteristics, always cranks when cool, no idke issues or stalling while driving, runs perfect, never dies cool, dies only after warmed up real good, never when driving only when I come to a stop when really warm, like after 40 min of driving etc in traffic, real hot etc.

    **walbro 255lph fp less than 2 years old, fpr less than 2 years old, fuel pump relay less than 3 months old, injectors were cleaned less than 2 years ago.

    I know most TFI modules are cheaply made, so here's my question if there is a known problem with the production motocraft ones, did they address this in the ones produced now?? I have some artic ice heat sink that I will be adding to the new unit but from the brands I'm looking at, here are the links to the pricing and products, looking at the motorcraft one, Delphi-(also original OEM equipment with the serial number etched off I believe) or the Echlin,
    any advice on this purchase guys?? :shrug:

    manual tranny:
    Motorcraft =$169.99
    Delphi =$95.49
    Echlin =$87.49
  2. So due to time frame I went with what was in stock, the Napa Echlin from what I was told is the top tier in Napa and it came with a 5 year warranty, so I thought that was pretty good.
  3. 5 year warranty is a little piece of mind.....fix your problem at least?
  4. Exactly!!! .....piece of mind is good for sure :nice: it's really 5yrs or 50,000 miles so I'll say Hellz yeah on that. Got it installed with a great heat sink job and fired her up and she's purrrrring great, haven't done the extended heat, sitting in stop and go yet but probably tomorrow. Here she is...

  5. Did your Tach start jumping around randomly? I have a post over in the Tech section having issues that I think may be TFI related.
  6. Had no issues with jumping or scattering in the rpm band. Just after driving in heat a good 30-45min I would come to a stop and she would start to die and cut off. I would let it sit for 15-20min and she'd fire back up and as long as I was moving-(cooler air coming in) I had no issues. Always stayed strong in the band, just stopping in heat.
    Rpm jumping reminds me of my bad msd distributor I had, would scatter at 3000ish rpms, that sucked not being able to get into it.
  7. ya...thats usually the msd one did that until i changed to oem
  8. I have had some good luck with Accel branded tfi modules. Not sure who actually makes them though
  9. The actual RPM's are fine. It's just the tach needle keeps jumping around like a bad signal or something. I'm going to see if there are any codes to pull over the weekend. jrichker is on the case :nice:
  10. Don't even tell me what the scotch lock is in the pic. Just get rid of it. Burn it with fire. They have absolutely no use on this Earth.
  11. they ok for a stero install but nohing drawing any power
  12. That is also what it did, forgot to mention that too. It's your dizzy, if you have a good coil, connection etc, I would swap Iit with a buddy and see.
    That scotch lock is the negative side of the clutch relay to complete the circuit for the electric fan auto turn on when a/c is on. Had that same one on since 2001, never had an issue, ever :shrug:
  13. Are you recommending that I replace the TFI or the entire dizzy?
    I can pull the TFI and have it tested. The car runs like normal but the tach needle jumps all over once the car warms up.
  14. I would swap the dizzy if you could some how, got a buddy??
  15. Also I was able to preform 'after engine was completely hot' - 4 separate reving idles for 25min each time during 70* and 80* temps and the TFI module today never cut off the car :banana: Was testing a coolant product water wetter, took before and after pics of the temp gauge in another thread, it went real well, good day under the hood for sure :flag:
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  16. Well I changed out the Dizzy, put in a new ignition coil, and had the TFI tested (good) and my tach still is jumping around.
    jrichker gave me some good testing tips that I'll try in the next day or so. I'm stumped though. It's strange because it isn't consistent. It seems to only happen in the afternoons once the ambient air temp has risen. Morning drive to work it's perfect.
  17. I know some the gauges use the rear intake ground, you got a 4awg one installed there??
  18. Beats me:shrug:
    I've never installed one there. Any pics as to what you are talking about?
  19. Its's normally an little strap ground, broken ec, its normally right side of firewall and connected to the stud on the rear intake near pvc valve, socket extention works great there.
  20. I had similiar problems with my car it would not restart hot and car even shut off once at 50mph like i turned key, usually after atleast 4 hours it would start right up. Over the years with these symptoms it turned out being PIP module in dizzy twice and once with similiar symptoms it turned out being the TFI. When it was PIP my tach was jumping around, anyway i ended up buying the same TFI module at Napa ive been trouble free for a couple years now. Just happen to have a pic handy lol