Tfs 170 Ported Support 363ci N/a

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  1. How much is there with these in ported form??

    I'm looking for possible upcoming deals around these 170's ported, 190's or 205's cause a "STREET Daily Driver Dart 363ci short block" may be coming my way, so I'm trying to do my homework. And yes my ported Cobra upper/lower is staying, so am I looking for "Port Velocity" more so here? May get a TF R black intake or Saleen cause those are all I like, but that may be a while. I'm pretty much gonna' stay in the xe270hr, xe274hr and xe282hr range I believe. I have A/C and power everything, so no issues with driving and durability is my goal. I'm hoping the deal for the short block goes through soon, any help, ideas with the possible build will greatly be appreciated, thnx :pop:
  2. Porting gets expensive fast! I've personally seen the 170cc heads on a 340 inch SBF run 8.60's with a healthy dose of boost. Can it be done yes, is it ideal no. For the money you spend on 170's and porting you are better off getting a 205 head with stock ports. Also you know you need tonditch the intake... Stop holding on and let it go! ;)
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  3. Go with the bigger head if you don't already have the 170s. Just my opinion. That intake is going to offset a lot of the power you're trying to make. Why those 3 cams?
  4. I love that intake and the gt40 tubular, I'm a big fan of the appearance of those. I just cannot let it go and I know that's killing top end and yada yada, but this is gonna' be a killer street torque machine anyways. It's stage 3 ported anyways so I'm gonna ride that pony, for now anyways.
    Regarding the cam ballpark, I feel like from my studies of possible street strokers this ballpark figure will be in my durability range with great driving manners as well. I can still do the custom grind cause I know this street torque build DD is a little different, I always like different.

    So shoot for 205's (TF and AFR???) and have a TFS R black intake on deck??
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  5. Exactly!
  6. Just remember if you choke the engine down power production will suffer across the entire rpm range. Not that you wouldn't have plenty of torque for everyday driving but imagine only 70-80% of total power potential and a narrower power band. If you h/c/i it like a 302 it'll basically run like a 302. The 205cc head/tfs r intake with a good cam is def the way to go. Maybe eventually throw some boost at it!(I like spending your money)
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  7. If you don't already have the heads, i wouldn't see the point in buying them and then porting them.
    If you have them already, they can be sent to TEA for some CNC work.

    I'm not the biggest fan of hand porting.
  8. Boosting it with a Cobra intake is a very possible future plan, Go Dart block!!! :D so keeping the Cobra intake is always in play.
    I don't mind keeping the DD stroker very reliable until boost funds are ready.
  9. I don't have the heads, but I was browsing and wondering which way to go. Seeing a lot of 170's but really no 205's used :shrug:
  10. Ya, their usually isn't nearly as much on the used market for a 347+ as there is for a 302. Once people goto a stroker, unless you are building a race car there is no reason to upgrade again, therefore less for sale.

    Buying 170's even used, then cnc'ing them, very well may have a similar cost to just buying them new already done for $1900.
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  11. i too like the cobra intake. a fully ported lower flows 250 cfm

    the fast as cast 170s at .5 flow 187 at .6 257

    the 11r 190 at .5 flow 257 at .6 304

    in order to get enough air with the bigger heads and block with your cobra intake you could go forced induction, or perhaps a very specific cam.

    i would suggest a call to a cam expert and let them know what you want to do since you are trying to overcome a non perfect combo...

    tw flow charts:
    Twisted Wedge 170 Lift Value Intake Flow CFM Exhaust Flow CFM .100" 63 53 .200" 141 107 .300" 205 144 .400" 241 171 .500" 257 187 .600" 257 193 Tests conducted at 28" of water (pressure). Bore size: 4.030" 61cc CNC-profi led combustion chambers; exhaust with 13⁄4" pipe.

    Twisted Wedge 11R with 190cc CNC Street Ported Runners Lift Value Intake Flow CFM Exhaust Flow CFM .100" 71 60 .200" 139 111 .300" 205 150 .400" 257 185 .500" 288 212 .600" 304 227 Tests conducted at 28" of water (pressure). Bore size: 4.030". 56cc CNC-profiled combustion chambers; exhaust with 13⁄4" pipe.
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  12. Yes the lower has been weld ported on the front runners as well, they both flow very well. Big reason my ecam has lots of torque and I'm not even in .500
    I've looked at similar figures with ported cobra intakes, so I'm sure I'm in the 250cfm ballpark. When my tune was completed by Brad Brand at Atlanta Chasis Dyno, he flowed my gt40p heads and they rivaled his AFR 165 flow, VERY close :nice:
    So what I'm wondering is how big can I go on heads with my larger air pump 363 before port velocity is tapped out with my cobra intake N/a? Cause I can boost ANY set up but I want the n/a set up to be right, then go to boost later. Should I get AFR 225 or stop at 205, probably gonna have to buy them new i guess. What if i found the old High Ports?
  13. If you dont have heads, get a set of 11r's brand new. They have good valvetrain components right out of the box, a nice chamber and are the next evolution of the twisted wedge heads. As far as runner size goes, it doesnt really matter if you go with a CNC 205, or a cast 190, the cobra intake is going to hurt it. Even if you spent a boatload of cash porting that intake to match the trick flow head, it is going to still be sub par compared to something like a TFS R intake, which will probably match the intake runner very well out of the box.
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  14. Depends on who is hand porting it. I'd put the hand port work on my heads up against CNC heads any day.

  15. he comes scope creep!

  16. 363 Dart stroker + Cobra intake = getting beat by 302's with good H/C/I top ends all day long.

    If you want to add torque to a daily driver and you insist on keeping the Cobra intake, why not build yourself up a budget 351W, get yourself a Lightning Lower intake to go with the Cobra upper and call it a day? :shrug:

    For what it would cost you for the built Dart 363 short block alone, you could nearly have a complete running 351W sitting in your car.
  17. The domino effect. A lot of us know it well.
    Your cool new motor is now touching your ratty old transmission. Which is connected by your weak driveshaft to your small axles. Now you're gonna need more than a slick new 255 pump. And a tune of some kind. And now it goes like hell but it stops like a covered wagon. And all that powers not getting planted on some 7" wheels and 245s

    And one day you wake up and wonder how the hell that smokin deal on a dart block turned into $15,000 and a car that "just needs one more thing"

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  18. Cobra intake on a 363? Planning to get into restrictor plate racing? LOL
  19. All the rochesters are on back order :D
  20. It FLOWS lmao, ......boost will come later :rlaugh: