TFS stage 2 : too much cam?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fiveoho, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. 185 AFRs ( or 165s) with spring/valve upgrade
    TFS street heat
    70 mm TB
    75 mm MAF
    24# squirters
    3550 Tremec
    3.55 gear ( may change to 3.90)

    *can i run the TFS stage 2 (2001) cam with this setup (224/232 . 542/563)?


  2. Do you have a stock short block? If so you will have piston to valve clearance problems. You will have to fly-cut the pistons or use a smaller cam.
    sorry, just looked at your sig. Depending on what pistons you have you should be fine. The stage 2 is a good cam. I it in my 94 cobra and it ran good.

  3. 'preciate the reply. yea, i figured wed have to do some cuttin on the pistons (will be forged). it will be a stock short block ( new from ford...overstock) bored .30 over. other than that, how is it? hows the driveability. does this cam still make good power at lower rpms?

    and of course i gotta ask.....does it sound wicked? :D

    thanks (dont have a sound clip do you?)
  4. u do not have to flycut aftermarket forged pistons. They come already with double valve reliefs for TW or ford inline head. The TFS stage 2 cam supposedly works with stock pistons.

    The TFS stage 2 cam is a real nice cam as well as the Comp Cam XE274HR. But I would go with the TFS stage 3 or comp cam XE282HR with the 185's and a Holley or RPM ll port matched intake. Sell the street heat, it will be too small for the heads and cam.

  5. That's a bad idea for a street car. Especially a 306. The stage 3 is overkill for sure on a street car. Its a 236/242 duration on a 110 lsa. It drives like ****. The computer can't deal with that tight of a lsa. I had one in my 94 cobra before I swapped it for the stage 2. Even with a custom tune my car didn't drive that good. It made great power,but its not the way to go on a small ci fuel injected street car. It had no low-end power and i had advanced it 4 degrees. Not all aftermarket pistons come with 2 sets of valve reliefs either.

    I don't think you can get the stage 2 to work with a aftermarket inline valve head on a stock piston without fly cutting.

    BTW the stage 2 sounded great in my car. It had a noticable idle and great power. I had a custom tune with zero driveability issues. What little bit of hp I gave up was a good exchange for the driveability I got in return.
  6. Stage 2 isn't too much cam.
  7. i want to make sure i understand:

    youre saying the stage 3 is too much cam for the 306?
    a stage 2 cam would be ok? ...with little to no driveability issues and still makes good bottom end?

  8. You understood him correctly.
  9. preciate it intense.

    need all the help i can get

  10. Super Rod (article reproduced on Comp. Cams website) did a comparison of a Comp Cams 282 vs. 258 grind.Their conclusion based on their dyno testing was that the 282 was too much cam for a street driven 302.The 282 had similiar average HP but lower average torque.Of course,the 282 had a higher peak numbers.They suggested the 274 would be more than enough even for hard core types.