TFS Street intake, TW Heads, But which cam?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93VertLX, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. I have the following parts waiting to go on: TFS twisted Wedge heads, Street Heat intake, 24 lb. injectors, 70 mm throttle body, 73 mm mass air, 1.6 roller rockers and the current mods in the signature. Which cam would work best with this setup? It will be a street car mostly, with occasional drag strip use. So basically the cam has to have at least decent driveabilty. Thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry I have no helpful advice to offer, just subsribing to this thread because I have a similar setup (minus heads-which I plan on sometime soon hopefully) and am intereted in cam selection as well.
  3. Do you want every ounce of power with the best driveabilty?
  4. Yes, by the way my friend BOWTIEKILLER told me to pm you about a cam choose. Glad you caught my post!
  5. One last thing, a custom cam is out of the question until next year due to my current college budget.
  6. How much do you want to spend....? You have to decide what the limiting factors are then it will make it easier
  7. under $200
  8. I'd have to say the TFS Stage I. I don't have experience with it but it makes sense to me. I think the price is around $140 :flag:
  9. has the Stage 1 for $129 if your interested. They accept COD to if you dont have a credit card. Hope this helps.

  10. Nah, you just need to drive yer piece of crap off a cliff, Kyle, then you wouldn't need a cam. Actually, I still have my stock cam I'll sell you for about $100, it's only mildly abused :D
  11. Another intelligent response from Joel :rolleyes: Hey at least my car has paint on it!
    I was leaning towards the stage 1 cam, it seems like it will work well with the TW heads and intake, and has mild enough lift for a street car. Anyone have any experience with the STage 1 cam?
  12. i have the exact same combo ...i have an e -cam havent run it yet but hoping for about 345 horse

  13. I have the stage 1 in my car along with TW heads, and a gt-40 intake. I love this setup. Car pulls hard through the midrange, haven't opened her up all the way yet, it scares me sometimes! :crazy:
  14. well Kyle you know my choice but AFM cams are out of your price range. what about FTI-Ed curtis???? oh and Mr50 I wouldn't be hopeing too much on 345 horse... maybe 300 or so if tuning conditions are good
  15. 93VertLx,
    I can't give you any specific numbers as I don't have any yet, but I am hoping to get to or close to 300rwhp with my setup. I have the TFS stage 1 cam and very similar to your setup. Sound i is pretty cool. It is a bit lopey, great sound at idle. It pulls well in the midrange, and screams up high. Shifting at 6k is unbelievable. I am comparing this before I did heads,intake, and cam. Low end seems about the same as I believe the cam actually shifted the power band up a notch. You can't go wrong with the TFS stage 1. If you don't get that, hold out for a custom cam, but other than that I wouldn't get anything else.
  16. Thanks for the advice !
  17. Stage 1 will work.. I used to have the same basic combo and I went as fast as 12.35 @ 110 with it.. There are better cams out there but not in your price range. I would rather buy once but that is your choice.

    Should make a nice little combo.. With a beat short block we put over 290 to the rear wheels in Chris's car and that was minimal tuning..
  18. How espensive is a cam like you are talking about? I suppose if i could some extra hours and save myself having to tear the motor apart later it would be worth it. Where would I go about getting one? What are the major advantages?
  19. I have seen guys pick up 30HP from custom cams and even more....

    You can get the street manners you want and still make killer power...